IHC is MORE than a “Convention”

April 15, 2015

InterChurch Holiness Convention (IHC)  is more than a “convention.”  It is that- but so much more.

I.H.C. is more than “Dayton.”  It is that- but so much more.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year and all around the world in influence- as the largest inter-church organization committed to “Spreading Scriptural Holiness across these lands.”  

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through publication of the Convention Herald.  This magazine seeks to promote the Bible message of holiness and to keep readers informed on the cause of holiness world-wide.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through “Convention Tapes.”  A ministry in which hundreds, even thousands, of sermons from great preachers, past and present, are made available for listening and study.  The largest single library of holiness preaching/teaching has been preserved through the countless hours of volunteers who have transferred and are transferring sermons from tape to digital, insuring future generations the privilege of hearing the best preaching of the last 60-70 years.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year as our preachers and leaders earnestly call the church to revival, evangelism and holy living.  Our call is never for individual church groups to lose their own distinctives, but our call has always been that unique and together we strive to seek revival in brokenness and humility.  Whatever may separate us as churches is miniscule compared to the mighty doctrines and lofty goals that unite us.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through the Area Conventions and Revival Rallies.  In 2015 alone, services have been held in the following locations:

Columbus, Ohio
Marion, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana
Independence, Kansas
Tacoma, Washington
Emmett, Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Easley, South Carolina
Phoenix, Arizona
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
North Pole, Alaska

Many more conventions will be held in the remaining months of this year.

And, IHC is also, certainly, the Annual Convention currently held in Dayton, Ohio.  This Annual Convention calls representatives from nearly every state in the USA and from many countries world-wide to a meeting place where for three days we hear anointed preaching and fervent singing.  We join together in prayer and in brokenness, seeking the face of God for healing and revival for our churches and nation.  These three days bring church leaders and young people and families together in such a way that it is sometimes more like a “family reunion.”  For many, it is a “not to miss” event in which “Heaven comes down our souls to greet, and glory crowns the mercy seat.”

IHC brings together denominations, associations, educational institutions, missions organizations and independent congregations that would never come together otherwise- and in that inter-church setting promotes the timeless doctrine of Bible holiness and encourages every group to continue to strive for true revival for our nation and world.  The temporal and passing things of this earth are easy goals to reach, even for Christian groups, but the revival passion and evangelistic mission that is of eternal value must be prayerfully preserved and carefully planned for and earnestly contended for.

IHC is a both a revival movement and an evangelistic movement.  We contend for the “old paths wherein is the good way.”  We contend that God expects our people to be faithful to this generation- and have always emphasized children and youth ministry, missions, outreach and evangelism.  Our people are missions and outreach minded.  The groups that IHC unites are at the forefront of reaching their world for Jesus Christ.

We are thoroughly Wesleyan in doctrine and belief.  Our message is not our own, but is the theme of the Word of God.  For IHC, it is not about your “tag” but about bringing Christian people together to promote the timeless message of holiness and the urgent cause of revival.  We are a “convention.”  But we are MORE than a “convention,”  we are a movement of people representing holiness people everywhere committed to this cause.

Papua New Guinea Historic Presentation

April 14, 2015

Papua New Guinea Bible Church is one of the largest evangelical churches in the country of Papua New Guinea as a result of faithful holiness mission works over the last 65 years.  As a result of the Gospel advance in that country, the nation has determined to become a Christian nation.  Through the generosity of one of our people, an extremely valuable and historic Bible will be presented to government officials to be placed in the new parliament building in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  A large delegation of Papua New Guinea Bible Church officials, including church president, Rev. Wane Ninjipa, will travel to Dayton for this presentation.  A group of Papua New Guinea government officials will be on hand to officially receive this Bible and personally transfer it to the parliament.  This special presentation will be part of the annual International Service at the Dayton Convention on Wednesday, April 22nd at 2 PM.

Time of Discovery- Three Sessions for Youth!

Youth groups and families are excited about the Youth Program at Dayton 2015:  TIME OF DISCOVERY.  Bible College groups and others will minister in music.  Three great sessions for youth- Tuesday with Matt Smart, Wednesday with David Fulton and Thursday with Harry Plank.   The sessions are at 2:45  PM Tuesday, 2:00 PM Wednesday and at 10:30 AM Thursday in the Dayton Convention Center Theatre.

Just for Kids: Chapel of the Children

Back to Dayton this year- Angela Marriott ministering to our children!  Bring all the children and let them learn from God’s Word- and prepare for the Mass Children’s Choir on Thursday afternoon.  Kids Sessions are Tuesday at 2:45, Wednesday at 10:15 and 2:00, Thursday at 10:15 and 1:30.

Wednesday Singspiration

April 13, 2015

Don’t miss the unique Singspiration scheduled at Dayton Convention on Wednesday at 6 PM.  Paul Gray and Stephen Cassady have organized an outstanding group of musicians to present an inspirational time of music.

Advertise in the Convention Daily

April 2, 2015

Each day of the 2015 Convention we will publish a daily handout full of information and advertisments.  Your organization will benefit greatly from this advertisement.  For rates and availability, contact Rachel Bailey 618-315-7050.

Future Dayton Dates

April 1, 2015

April 21-23, 2015

April 19-21, 2016

April 18-20, 2017

April 17-19, 2018

April 23-25, 2019

April 21-23, 2020

April 20-22, 2021


Attend our Annual Convention each year.  Make it a family tradition!

RV Parking Available at Dayton Convention

March 12, 2015
Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Lori Page – 937-224-1619

Display Space Available at Dayton

March 1, 2015

Contact Marci Webb at the IHC Office to reserve your space for Dayton.  812-275-2119 or email ihconvention@me.com

Holiness Camp Prayer List

May 8, 2014

Pray for the following holiness camps.  If you know of others, or more information, please email us at ihconvention@me.com

Florala Bible Methodist Camp – Florala – Contact: Walter Hedstrom
Bible Methodist Camp – Pell City –  Contact: Walter Hedstrom  
Bible Methodist Youth Camp –  Pell City – Contact: Jonathan Earls
Pilgrim Nazarene Camp – Pell City – Contact: Steve Snodgrass
Youth Camp – Fairbanks
Gospel Center Camp – Phoenix
Wesleyan Holiness Camp – Phoenix
Bible Missionary Camp – Jacksonville   Contact: Don Egbert, Jr. 501-315-3876 
Bible Holiness Camp
Bible Missionary Camp
Bible Missionary Camp – Durango Contact: Kyle Wonn 303-526-6068
Mountain Majesty Tent Meeting – Colorado Springs

Camp Freedom – St. Petersburg  – Contact:  Dennis Ritchey  January 29-February 7, 2016  Evangelists: Harry Plank, Randy Tolley  Singers:  Jerald and Rebecca Glick
Ft. Myers Rescue Mission Camp -  Contact: David Light
God’s Missionary Church Florida District Camp – Sun City – Contact: Harry Plank
Sea Breeze Camp – Hobe Sound – Contact:  Sidney Grant (Begins first Thursday in February through two Sunday’s)
Bible Missionary Spanish Camp – McCall –  Contact: J. Paul Dodd 208-250-1292
Bible Missionary Camp
Crusaders Founders Week – Urbana – Contact: Marsh Jones
Mode Camp – Mode
Bible Holiness Camp – Anderson
Bible Missionary Camp – North Central District – Central Friends Campground, Muncie   Contact:  Jim Jewell 317-590-6549
Bible Holiness Youth Camp – Anderson
Faith Mission Indoor Camp – Bedford –  Contact: David Crosley
Bryantsburg Holiness Camp – Bryantsburg – Contact: Gary Hayes 812-212-1976
Central Yearly Meeting – Muncie – Contact:  David Fulton
Central Friends Youth Camp – Muncie – Contact: Jonathan Covert
East Enterprise Holiness Camp – East Enterprise - Contact:  Donnie Meriwether 812-427-3397
Eckerty Holiness Camp  Contact: Tilden Jones 812-338-4445
Gnaw Bone Camp – Gnaw Bone
Great Commission Camp – Beech Grove – Contact: Andrew Durst - 
ICHA Youth Camp – Greenfield – Contact: Barry Whitaker 
International Holiness Youth Camp – Greenfield – Contact: Logan Westrick
Jefferson County Holiness Camp (located Hwy 56 between Hanover and Scottsburg)   Contact:  Rev. Mike Brown
John T Hatfield Camp
Letts Camp – Letts -  Contact:  Jerry Bell  317-810-3067
Otwell Camp – Otwell - 
Pilgrim Holiness Camp – Frankfort – Contact: James Southerland 
Pilgrim Holiness Youth Camp – Frankfort – Contact: John Zeigler  
Ramsey Camp – Ramsey
Randolph County Holiness Camp
Rising Sun Camp
Tabernacle Holiness Camp – Washington
Wayne County Holiness Camp – Richmond
Union Bible College Camp – Westfield  Contact: Adam Buckler 606-356-2465
United Holiness Camp – Milan – Contact: Roger Smith 812-432-5773
Wesleyan Holiness Central District Camp – Orleans
Wesleyan Holiness Camp – Greenfield -  Contact: John Brewer
Wesleyan Holiness Youth Camp – Greenfield -  Contact: Nathan Shockley 
Wesleyan Tabernacle Association Holiness Convention – Beech Grove -Contact:  R.T. Williams
Bible Holiness Camp – Independence 
Barn Camp – Ottawa
Church of God Holiness Camp – Overland Park
Kansas State Holiness Association Camp - McPherson 
Kansas State Holiness Association Youth Camp – Abilene -  Contact: Todd Hurst
Callis Grove Camp – Bedford
Carthage Holiness Camp – California
R.G. Finch Memorial Camp – Tollesboro (1 mile west on Highway 10)  
Athens Indian Family Camp – Athens
Athens Youth Camp – Athens - Contact: Doug Damon 
Lower Light Camp
Remus Holiness Camp – Mecosta
Rock Lake Bible Methodist Family Camp – Vestaburg – Contact: Blake Jones 
Rock Lake Bible Methodist Youth Camp – Vestaburg – Contact: Doug Derscheid
Bible Missionary Camp – Midwest District – Harmony Hills Campground, Fulton, MO   Contact: Mary Young 573-315-9738
Hephzibah Holiness Camp – Dixon – Contact: Archie Atwell
Troy Holiness Camp – Troy – Contact: David Knight  
Wesleyan Nazarene Camp – Ava – Contact: Dale Hayford 
Rocky Mountain Camp – Northwest Indian Bible School 32485 Bible Lane – Alberton, MT  59820 
Binghamton Pilgrim Holiness Camp – Binghamton – John Peabody
Binghamton Pilgrim Holiness Youth Camp – Binghamton – Joel Byer 
Brushton Camp – Brushton
Richland Camp – Richland
Vermontville Pilgrim Holiness Camp – Vermontville - Contact:  John Peabody
Victory Grove Pilgrim Holiness Camp – Albany - Contact:  John Peabody
Carolina Christian Camp – Thomasville  
Carolina Christian Youth Camp – Thomasville – Contact: Scott Blackmon
Salisbury Bible Methodist Camp – Salisbury – Contact: David Newton  
Bible Holiness Camp – Mendon – Contact: Vernon Shockley
Bible Holiness Youth Camp – Mendon
Camp Gilead
Comargo Camp Meeting – Loveland – Contact: Carl Eisenhart
Heartland Bible Methodist Camp – Mendon –  Contact: Clair Sams 
Heartland Bible Methodist Youth Camp – Mendon – Contact: Mike Mater
Morristown Holiness Camp – Athens - Contact:  Victor Nelson 
North Central Holiness Camp – Lucasville – Contact:  Ken Burchett  
Penial Camp
Santoy Holiness Youth Camp – Junction City – Contact: Mrs. Becky Pettet  
Southeastern Ohio Regional Youth Camp – Nelsonville – Contact: Steve Heskett, Jr.
Bible Holiness Camp – Ochelata
Ochelata Youth Camp – Ochelata – Contact: Chad Snider
Heartland Holiness Camp - Contact:  Darrell Stetler II
Appalachian Youth Camp – Roxbury
Armstrong County Holiness Camp - Contact: Jeff Buzzard
Belsano Camp – Belsano – Contact: Rick Markel
Beulah Camp – Gordon -  Contact: Ernest Gessner
Bible Missionary Camp – Northeast District   Contact: Susan Zimmerman 814-343-4686
Canaan Grove Camp
Christian Youth Fellowship – Hanover - Contact: Japheth Nell  
Clinton Camp – Clinton - Contact:  James Southerland  
Elim Grove –  Center Valley
Evangelical Methodist Camp – Oakland Mills
Evangelical Wesleyan Camp – Cooperstown (6626 E. Wayne Road)  
Fellowship Camp – Hanover – Contact: John Mark Fisher
Fountain of Life Camp – Philipsburg – Contact: Dewey Evans 814-342-9728
God’s Missionary Youth Camp – Penns Creek – Contact:  Jacob Martin
Lost Creek Youth Camp – Oakland Mills
Mt. Of Blessing Camp – Carroll – Contact: Matt Ellison
Ono Holiness Association Camp – Ono - Contact: Glenn Spitler 
Penns Creek Camp Meeting – Contact: Harry Plank –  email: holiness@icloud.com
Pine Ridge Pilgrim Holiness Camp – Lickingville (1733 Sunny Road) – Contact: Paul Baker 814-432-4123
Port Matilda Camp – Port Matilda
President Camp – Venus
Roxbury Youth Camp – Roxbury – Contact: John Geyer
Stoneboro Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Camp – Stoneboro
Stoneboro Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Youth Camp – Stoneboro
Wesleyan Bible Holiness Camp – Chambersburg – Contact: Lyndell Durr – (Ends the Sunday before 4th of July)
Ebenezer Holiness Baptist Camp – Columbia – Contact: Kenneth Walter – (Last two Sunday’s in June)
Spring Creek Indian Holiness Youth Camp – St. Francis – Contact: Norman Cash  
Bible Methodist Church Camp – Knoxville  - Contact: Wesley McDonald  
Bible Methodist Church Youth Camp – Knoxville - Contact:  Steve Tomek  
Great Smokey Mountain Regional Camp – Jamestown (1246 Taylors Place Road) Contact: Scott Thrasher
South Texas Holiness Camp – Donna, Texas – February – Contact:  956-464-7116 
Blue Ridge Holiness Camp – Copper Hill
Inter-Denominational Camp – Christiansburg – Contact: Rev. Dwayne Martin 
Bible Missionary Camp
Pierce County Holiness Association Camp
 Bruceton Mills Camp – Bruceton Mills
Bible Missionary Canadian Camp – Chubb Lake Campgrounds   Contact: John Kinnaman 360-864-6040
Ontario Interdenominational Holiness Camp – Pefferlaw - Contact: Joel Byer