IHC is MORE than a “Convention”

June 1, 2017

InterChurch Holiness Convention (IHC)  is more than a “convention.”  It is that- but so much more.

I.H.C. is more than “Dayton.”  It is that- but so much more.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year and all around the world in influence- as the largest inter-church organization committed to “Spreading Scriptural Holiness across these lands.”  

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through publication of the Convention Herald.  This magazine seeks to promote the Bible message of holiness and to keep readers informed on the cause of holiness world-wide.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through “Convention Tapes.”  A ministry in which hundreds, even thousands, of sermons from great preachers, past and present, are made available for listening and study.  The largest single library of holiness preaching/teaching has been preserved through the countless hours of volunteers who have transferred and are transferring sermons from tape to digital, insuring future generations the privilege of hearing the best preaching of the last 60-70 years.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year as our preachers and leaders earnestly call the church to revival, evangelism and holy living.  Our call is never for individual church groups to lose their own distinctives, but our call has always been that unique and together we strive to seek revival in brokenness and humility.  Whatever may separate us as churches is minuscule compared to the mighty doctrines and lofty goals that unite us.

The ministry of I.H.C. happens all year through the Area Conventions and Revival Rallies. Many conventions will be held in the remaining months of this year.

And, IHC is also, certainly, the Annual Convention currently held in Dayton, Ohio.  This Annual Convention calls representatives from nearly every state in the USA and from many countries world-wide to a meeting place where for three days we hear anointed preaching and fervent singing.  We join together in prayer and in brokenness, seeking the face of God for healing and revival for our churches and nation.  These three days bring church leaders and young people and families together in such a way that it is sometimes more like a “family reunion.”  For many, it is a “not to miss” event in which “Heaven comes down our souls to greet, and glory crowns the mercy seat.”

IHC brings together denominations, associations, educational institutions, missions organizations and independent congregations that would never come together otherwise- and in that inter-church setting promotes the timeless doctrine of Bible holiness and encourages every group to continue to strive for true revival for our nation and world.  The temporal and passing things of this earth are easy goals to reach, even for Christian groups, but the revival passion and evangelistic mission that is of eternal value must be prayerfully preserved and carefully planned for and earnestly contended for.

IHC is a both a revival movement and an evangelistic movement.  We contend for the “old paths wherein is the good way.”  We contend that God expects our people to be faithful to this generation- and have always emphasized children and youth ministry, missions, outreach and evangelism.  Our people are missions and outreach minded.  The groups that IHC unites are at the forefront of reaching their world for Jesus Christ.

We are thoroughly Wesleyan in doctrine and belief.  Our message is not our own, but is the theme of the Word of God.  For IHC, it is not about your “tag” but about bringing Christian people together to promote the timeless message of holiness and the urgent cause of revival.  We are a “convention.”  But we are MORE than a “convention,”  we are a movement of people representing holiness people everywhere committed to this cause.