Small Lights Shine Bright

April 6, 2020 // Article


Small lights shine bright in dark nights.

Many of our ministries appear small to a world big on “big.”  But in the time of crisis, suddenly, everything counts.

A thousand points of light around the world, representing the churches of Wesleyan faith, are letting their light shine beautifully.

Though not permitted to touch, people are more in touch than ever.

Though not permitted to gather, people are gathering in greater numbers in different ways.

Though not permitted to pray in schools or post Bible verses in public places, governors, presidents, and politicians of all parties are reading Bibles and offering devotionals and prayers.

Our Annual Convention has had to be canceled.  This is sad to all of us who love Dayton IHC.  We had no choice.

We look forward to broadcasting both “live” and archived services from The Wesley Center, here at IHC Headquarters.  We hope all of you can join us for those three IHC days, April 21-23, at

In the meantime:

  • Pray for a lasting revival.  IHC has been burdened about revival since the founding, and this could be it!  In our lifetime, we may be blessed to see a moving of God that is unmistakable.
  • Do something.  These are great days to witness and evangelize.  You may be shut in, but communication tools are more accessible than ever.
  • Have church.  You will need to do it differently, but it must be done.
  • Give.  Your local church must have your tithes to survive.  Our Bible colleges and missions organizations need your faithful giving.  Consider any full-time evangelists who have had dozens of meetings canceled.  Out of sight is often out of mind, but we cannot leave the most important foundation stones to crumble.  We humbly ask for your support of IHC.  Dayton has become our lifeline for an entire year of ministry.  We have been so encouraged by pastors who have said, “we are asking our board for a special gift to IHC for this time.”  For laymen who have written:  “The money we would have spent to come to Dayton, will be in the mail.”
  • Don’t give up.  One said to me “The most discouraging thing is how Christians seem so panicked about this…”  Lift your heads.  Square your shoulders and sing in the rain.  These are good times to be a Christian and to be the church.

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