Christian Practices

Why are there so many different denominations?

The various denominations are as “family units” in the great kingdom of God, just as there are family groups in the human race. All born-again Christians are members of the body of Christ, but we may serve Christ through different church affiliations (I Cor. 12:12-27).

Should a person tithe on his gross income, or just on what is left after expenses are paid?

Gross salary or income should be tithed before living expenses, taxes, and other such items are deducted. A farmer or businessman should deduct the expense of running his farm or conducting his business and tithe the balance.

Is divine healing for today?

Yes. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Heb. 13:8). His power to heal is unchanged, and many are the witnesses to this fact.

Why send missionaries when there are so many unevangelized people in America?

For the most part, the people in America have ample opportunity to hear the Gospel. Many parts of the world are not so favored. Rom. 10:14 says, “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” We cannot slacken our outreach at home or abroad. It must be intensified in all places.

Is the "old-fashioned revival" approach relevant to this modern day?

Yes. Basically man’s problem (sin) is the same in any generation; also the answer (Christ) is always the same. The “old-fashioned revival” speaks a timeless message that is always relevant to man’s heart need. It is still greatly used of God to bring men to decision for Christ.

Should a person tithe? Wasn't this an Old Testament practice, not applying to this day?

Tithing was an Old Testament requirement. It was used for the support of the priests (Levites), for festivals, and to care for the poor. In addition to the tithe the Israelites were asked to give offerings for special purposes. Jesus commended tithing (Matt. 23:23), and even though there is no explicit command to this effect, are not the obligations of New Testament grace more compelling than Old Testament law?
Tithing is the most reasonable way of financing the work of God’s kingdom. If you are not a tither, why not give it a try?

Will tithing solve my financial problems?

God has promised blessing to those who honor Him with tithes and offerings (Mal. 3:10-11). However, this should not be our reason for tithing; rather we tithe because this is God’s plan for the financing of the Kingdom. Financial reverses can come to faithful tithers, but you should continue to trust God and remain faithful. He will bring you through (Luke 12:15).

Why do we keep Sunday for the Sabbath while the Israelites kept Saturday in the Old Testament?

We keep Sunday because Jesus arose on the third day after Friday (which would be Sunday). For a time the Early Church observed both the seventh and the first days; then gradually the first day of the week displaced the seventh as the Church’s recognized day of worship.

Why have emotion in religion?

Man is an emotional being and the emotions can never be completely divorced from religious experience. The Early Church had both fear of God (Acts 5:11) and gladness (Acts 2:46-47). When the people of Samaria accepted Christ, there was “great joy” in that city (Acts 8:8). When God controls the total personality, this involves the emotions. See Josh. 6:20; I Sam. 4:5; and Isa. 12:6.

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