(Salvation Army)

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(Salvation Army)

General Albert Orsborn served as the international leader of The Salvation Army in

London, England.

My sanctification was a sweet and gracious experience. The work was accomplished in

me, by God’s Holy Spirit, when in my early teens. Through the influence of a Salvation Army
officer’s home life, together with the formative effects of the meetings I attended, I was quite
susceptible to religious appeals, from a tender age. I cannot remember the time when I did not
earnestly covet goodness; yet all the while, evil had a tempting relish for me, and perhaps this was
even accentuated by my closely guarded innocence of the world’s ways.

God very clearly and convincingly revealed how perilously easy it had become for me to

be insincere, and I became careful not to testify beyond my actual experience. This occasioned me
many and bitter revelations and not a few confessions, for I failed again and again, in my secret
heart experience. Consequently, my testimony was a very guarded and incomplete thing,
”sometimes joyful, sometimes sad.”

One day, in a flood of light, I saw myself and the “way of holiness,” and God sanctified me

for Christ’s sake — body, soul, and spirit. With this experience came a new vision of Christ, and
power to serve Him…

When I laid aside sin and self and pride, the change was immediate. In my religion came

sincerity; in my character, the discovery of weaknesses and the victory to conquer them; in my
service, a delight.

Source: “Living Flames of Fire” by Bernie Smith

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