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About five o’clock two prayer meetings were started, one in a large Aurora tent, led by

Father Coleman, and the other in a St. Charles tent, led by a boy preacher. God came in great
power, and many were saved. Among the rest who attended this meeting was the Hon. Benjamin
Hackney, of Aurora. He had been converted but a short time, and under the preaching of Father
Coleman, had come to see the doctrine of holiness clearly, but had not yet entered into the
experience. Sunday evening, just before the preaching service, he was walking back and forth
across the grounds in meditation, when he met Father Coleman, and said, “Father Coleman, I’ve got
everything upon the altar; what shall I do next?”

“Oh, just leave it there,” said the old veteran, and passed on.

Mr. Hackney resumed his walk, and his meditations. But to himself he said, “Well; that is a

strange way to treat a man! Why did he not try to help me? Perhaps that is the way to do. Well; I’ll
do that.” He continued his walk, thinking and praying, and waiting upon the Lord. Little by little his
faith took hold, and little by little came the peace of believing. The assurance began to spring up in
his heart, and at last he was enabled to say:

“Tis done, thou dost this moment save,
With full salvation bless.
Redemption through thy blood I have,
And spotless love and peace.”

The next day was a busy one with him up town in his office, and on the campground,

looking after his own tent, and a number of others he had provided for those who could not provide
for themselves, and he had no opportunity to testify in public. It was the same on Tuesday, until the
meeting broke up. In the afternoon while quite a company was waiting for a train, and he was
superintending the removal of the tents under his care, an impromptu service was held in the altar.
After awhile Mr. Hackney arose and testified. He said:


“I have dealt in railroad stocks, and canal stocks, and bank stocks, and state stocks, and in

all kinds of stocks, but I never got hold of anything that yields such dividends as the stock I have in

Source: “The Life of John Wesley Redfield”
by Joseph Goodwin Terrill

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