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  1. C. DUNLAP

“In 1878 — I never shall forget the day or the place — after a long season of closet prayer,

during which time I thought sure the witness would come, I went out on my pastoral rounds (it was
in the town of Thomson, thirty-seven miles from Augusta). On my return, visiting a widowed sister
in Christ, I passed some colored carpenters at work on a house, and stopped and exhorted them on
making sure of the ‘House not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.’ About fifty yards beyond,
all of a sudden I was filled with the Heaven of love. There was no great shock about it, and yet it
permeated, in a second of time my whole being.

“I realized the cleansing and filling of the Holy Ghost. I knew Jesus was enthroned in my

heart as King and Priest, without a rival. All unbelief was gone. I stopped in the center of the
court-house square and looked at my hands and feet. I said, ‘What is this?’ and the Spirit answered
as plainly to my spiritual consciousness as ever human voice spoke through my sense of hearing:
’This is the blessing you have been seeking; this is the blessing of perfect love.’

“I did not shout, as I had always done previously under a great baptism of the Spirit; I did

not feel like making a noise; I was all dissolved in love. I wanted to put my arms around the whole
world of mankind and pass them to the great heart of Jesus. I had an experience of love for every
creature of God. I felt I could go into a lion’s den without the least fear of harm from the wild
beast. I went down to the parsonage; I embraced my wife and all my children. I felt I loved them
for the first time with a pure love; I felt that I loved God with all my heart, and my neighbor — both
black and white — as I loved myself.”

Source: “The Better Way” by Beverly Carradine

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