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We now come to another important experience in Charles Cowman’s life. He had lived as a

Christian for a year, and among the members of Grace Methodist church none were more zealous
for souls than he … as he never had lost the thrill of his first love … he saw no need of being
sanctified. But something happened in his office one night and the calm, quiet, self-possessed man
became impatient and spoke harshly to one of his men. Quickly he asked the man’s forgiveness, but
peace left his heart and he continued in this state of mind for almost a week.

He sent for George Simister who came and said, “Brother Cowman, you need to have your

heart cleansed from all sin.” In the simplest manner he explained to him that after conversion, “the
old man” of sin still remains and the only remedy is cleansing through the precious Blood.

…Charles Cowman seized the opportunity. He regarded nothing as important as having his

heart cleansed from all sin, and he began to seek it with a full purpose of soul….

[He wrote] “I was profoundly impressed and powerfully sustained, almost absorbed by the

Word, ‘This is the will of God, even your sanctification.’…In Charles Cowman’s notes were these
brief lines:

“I have committed myself and my all into God’s hands, and He has accepted the offering.

Life henceforth can never be the same.”

The fact that it made his ministry what it was, is equally certain, and those who knew him

before and after this experience could not question that he had found a new secret of power for his
own life and work.

He came into a fresh experience, a second definite work of grace, — a crisis as radical and

revolutionary as the crisis of regeneration. A new union began with his Saviour, new victories
enriched his life, and a new power marked his service from that day…Multitudes will praise God,


in that sweet Morning-land, that Charles Cowman sought and obtained the blessing of “Full
Salvation,” but not one fraction of the result will be known until that glorious morning.

Source: “Charles E. Cowman — Missionary Warrior”
by Lettie B. Cowman

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