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My Conversion

It seems the Lord had His hand on me from the very first for good, and oh how I thank Him

that I did not reach the depths of sin. I am thankful also that I lived in the country, for I escaped
many of the temptations that come to the young people in the towns and cities. I do not remember
ever taking the name of the Lord in vain, nor did I chew tobacco, or smoke a pipe, cigar or a
cigarette. Although, I did pick up some of the stumps of the cigars which papa had thrown away,
put them in my mouth and walked around as big, thinking, I was going to be a man like papa; but
when he would see me with one of them in my mouth he would make me throw it away. Parents do
not punish your children if you find them doing the same things you do, for naturally they will
follow in your footsteps. I never drank intoxicating liquor but a little I had given me in a mission in
Chicago, of which I will tell in another chapter.

One day as papa was giving mamma a little whiskey when she was sick, he got some of us

children to taste it, but I did not like it. I’ve thought several times since then that if that little bit had
created an appetite, then papa would have been responsible. How careful parents should be.

I do not remember of hearing a holiness sermon until long after I was saved; but my heart

was tender, and I wanted to live for Jesus. So, He led me on until Sunday night Sept. 4, 1904,
while I was lying in bed. He brought my sins all before me — oh, such a pile, and they were so
black. I don’t remember what all I said, but all at once Jesus appeared right before me, and if the
reader would like to know how He looked read Mark 9:3. Oh! the sweetness of His voice, as He
said “thy sins are all forgiven.” It seemed as though Jesus and I were in a big valley, and the glory
of God filled the valley; it seemed like gold, and was brighter than the noonday sun. It got in me
and filled me up so that I could not say anything for awhile, then I commenced to sing the Doxology
”Praise God from whom all blessings flow,” and oh the peace and joy that filled my soul. I knew
that “old things had passed away and all things had become new.” For instance, I had a checker
board and I threw it away, for the Lord showed me I could spend the time in a better way.


Oh, I felt so free after the load of sin was gone! I would have ended up in hell like any

other sinner although I was not deep in sin, because morality would not have saved me. For we
read in the Bible “Our righteousnesses is as filthy rags,” they will not stand the fire of the
Judgment. For we read again “The fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.” So it pays to
live for Jesus.

On New Year’s day 1905, being Sunday, I rode a horse to a Methodist church; a distance of

five miles.

It was either the 4th or the 11th of June that I joined the church on probation and was taken

in as a full member in August. Sometimes I walked out there twice on Sundays over the hills and
through the valleys. Being four and one half miles each way; that would be eighteen miles. In
December of that same year my oldest sister joined the same church, though not saved. I was the
only one at home that was saved at this time, and I had much opposition, yet the Lord was very
precious to my soul, for which I did praise Him.

My Sanctification

If I could have heard a good holiness sermon as I was traveling through the wilderness, I

believe I would of entered Canaan’s happy land before I did, but the Lord led me gently on as I
wanted all that He had for me, and I had purposed in my heart to follow Him. Though I was about
seven and a half years getting through the wilderness, I am so glad I finally got through, praise the

There was a protracted meeting being held in the Methodist church where I was a member.

It was the last night of the meeting. I had walked over three miles to the church partly through mud,
as it was about the 7th of March, and I wore a high top pair of shoes.There was a good Epworth
League meeting, then we went into the main auditorium for the preaching service after the sermon
by the evangelist. He and the pastor stepped down off of the pulpit back of the altar rail, and the
pastor said, “If there is anyone here that wants to consecrate themselves anew to the Lord come up
here with Bro. W____ and I.”

Well, it seemed I had to go, but old Satan came and said, “You had better not go, for the

people will look at your shoes and laugh at you, and your Sunday School teacher will see you.” So,
I sat there just as long as I could, and I got up and went — shoes and all. I never stopped for the
altar but walked right over it and stood beside the preachers! So, the devil was cornpletely
defeated, thank the Lord. I think there was 7 of us that went up front, and the congregation was
asked to sing that song “All for Jesus,” but the words of Frances R. Havergal’s song came to my
mind as my consecration, “Take my life and let be, consecrated Lord to thee.” As I quoted part of
this song the Lord blessed me in a wonderful way, for I gave myself and all to Jesus for time and
eternity, that He could have His way with me.

After we were dismissed I went up to the upper end of Lisbon, and down the path to the

railroad. I had just reached the railroad when the Lord opened Heaven up, and sent down such a
landslide of glory into my soul that I jumped, ran, and shouted the praises of God, because the old
man of sin had been extracted from my heart and the cavity was filled with perfect love, peace and


rest. I seemed as light as a feather, and I felt as though I was going through the air, while the waves
of glory swept o’er my soul.

The news was soon spread abroad that I was losing my mind. Well, sure enough, I had lost

the carnal mind, and in its place received the mind of Christ. Praise the Lord fror the holy Fire,
minus any smoke. Every justified child of God should get sanctified as quickly as possible, for
what excuse can they give when the doctrine of holiness has been preached in most every city and
hamlet of the United States? So, now is the time to be sanctified, for Zacharias said in the first
chapter or Luke, “That we, being delivered out of the hand of our enemies, might serve him without
fear, in holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life.” And it is an absolute
necessity, for we read in Heb. 12:14, “Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no
man shall see the Lord.”

I have only one aim and desire, and that is to serve the Lord with a perfect heart while He

gives me breath, that precious souls for Him shall be won. I want many stars in my crown to lay at
His feet, for He alone is worthy to receive all the honor and glory.

Source: “What God Hath Wrought Through A Yielded Life” by Charley

Hayden Faulk

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