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The writer was born September 1st, 1865, in Hilltown township, Bucks county, Penna.

Both my father and mother were devoted and consistent Christians and members of the Evangelical
Association before I was born, hence I grew up in a home-atmosphere of real spirituality and
godliness. For this I am devoutly thankful. Among my earliest recollections are the family altar, the
Sabbath School, and attendance upon the prayer meetings, revival meetings and camp meetings
with my parents. I was the first-born, and only son, having three younger sisters. I do not think
there ever was a day, from my earliest childhood to the time of my conversion, the Spirit of God
did not strive with me, and bring to my heart conviction for sin and my need of a Savior. Often
times I was “almost persuaded” to become a Christian, and always cherished the purpose to do so
at some time, and yet, withal, procrastinated, and so became more and more hardened and
corrupted by sin. But the consciousness that my parents were daily and constantly praying for me,
often restrained me from outward sin, and kept my conscience tender. For several years I lived on
the farm with my grandparents, who also were devout Christians, and here too the influences of
religion constantly surrounded and restrained me. Having but limited means, my parents were
unable to provide me with any especial educational advantages. Being in a country village or on
the farm, I never had he privilege of attending even a graded school, and for the most part attended
a country school; and even here circumstances compelled an irregular attendance. At the age of
sixteen it was decided that. I should learn some trade, and so arrangements were made for me to go
to a neighboring town (Quakertown, Penna.) to serve an apprenticeship in a printing office. Here
again I found myself surrounded with religious influences, as the proprietor of the printing office
was a Christian gentleman. In the same office with me was the son of a preacher. We became quite
intimate friends. After a few months he was sent for by his father to attend a camp meeting. At once
I surmised the object in view, and remarked to a fellow-workman that when the preacher’s son
would return from the camp meeting he would be religious. The more I thought of it, the more fully
I believed it would be so, and the thought greatly distressed me. Somehow, I felt that if he was
converted I would have to be. As he returned on Monday morning, just one look into his
countenance, before he had uttered a word, convinced me that my fears had come true. Instantly I
was in trouble, and under deep conviction. I felt there was a chasm between us. Without saying


much to me upon the subject of religion, he declared his purpose to attend the mid-week prayer
meeting, and insisted on my going with him; this I finally consented to do.

This was on a Friday night. Here conviction became so pungent and intense, I publicly

confessed myself a seeker; after much earnest crying and agonizing prayer to God, by day and
night, confessing my sins, I was gloriously converted on the following Sunday night. The pastor of
the church I attended, after an earnest sermon, invited seekers to come forward to the altar of
prayer. I rejoiced in the opportunity, and rushed forward to the altar, fell upon my knees, and plead
for mercy. At about 9:30 o’clock, God in mercy heard my prayer, the burden of my guilt, was
rolled away, the light of heaven broke into my soul, the Spirit witnessed with my spirit that I was
pardoned and accepted of God, and was indeed a new creature in Christ. Although I had been
averse to religious demonstrations, I now found myself shouting aloud the praises of God. I was
born again and knew it. This occurred early in September, 1882. Praise God forever more! Soon
after this I was baptized and united with the church.

During the following year I lived a most earnest and devoted Christian life, attending

faithfully all the means of grace. I carried two testaments — one German and one English — in my
pockets, and used my spare time in studying the same. Thus I maintained a clear justified
experience. But I had gone only a very short time in my Christian experience until I discovered,
much to my amazement, that there still remained a something in my heart that hindered me, and at
times even defeated me. The principal manifestations of that “something” were, a man-fearing
spirit, the uprising of an unholy temper, difficulty in forgiving and loving an enemy, etc. I learned
that Jesus could remove the root of those difficulties out of the heart. Just one year after I had been
gloriously converted, while yet in my first love, I definitely sought the experience of entire
sanctification. After seeking earnestly for some days, one Sunday night while walking down the
side-walk toward the church, conscious that I had consecrated my all for time and eternity, I was
enabled to look up into heaven, and say, “I believe that the blood of Jesus cleanseth my heart from
all sin now; He sanctifies me now” and suddenly and consciously the Holy Ghost fell upon me, and
I knew just as positively an as assuredly that God had sanctified me through and through, as I had
known a year before that he had pardoned my sins. I rushed into the church, and before the pastor
had time to announce the opening hymn, I told the congregation what had occurred on the sidewalk,
and that God had sanctified me wholly. Billows of glory swept over me until my joy seemed to be
utterly inexpressible and uncontainable. Oh, the blessedness of that hour! Surely heaven could be
no better. And from that day to the present — now almost twenty years — Satan has never had the
audacity to tempt me to doubt even for one minute that God did not then and there sanctify me

Source: “Entire Sanctification” by C. W. Ruth

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