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In the Stoneboro camp meeting of August, 1903, Clara was present as an earnest seeker.

She had looked forward to this camp meeting with the full purpose of getting the blessing of
holiness. As usual, the preaching was plain, searching, scriptural and in the power of the Spirit,
and she took it all to heart seriously. Day after day she went to the altar and there remained in
prayer, mainly in silent prayer. Workers would come to direct her in her quest, and to assist her by
prayer and exhortation. She welcomed assistance, but convictions of duty were going so deeply
into her life that it took time to understand fully what a holy life required of her. With the
thoroughness that marked all of her life she engaged in this time of getting the foundation of a
Spirit-filled experience.

Days and nights passed by, and when Sunday morning came, she had the assurance that this

would be her Day of Pentecost, and so it proved to be. The morning meeting closed with many
bowing at the altar, Clara among them in her familiar place. Others prayed through and left, but she
remained, closed in with close attention to the Divine Voice by which she was led and instructed
in her long seasons of prayer. Then at noontime — high noon for her — the Holy Comforter came
into her soul to abide. The joy and peace and rest of soul made Sunday for her truly a Day of

Source: “The Life and Work of Rev. Mrs. Clara McLeister” by I. F. McLeister

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