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(Church of God)

Dale Oldham served as pastor of the Park Place Church of God, Anderson, Indiana and as

the featured speaker on the National Christian Brotherhood Hour.

Conversion came to me at the age of sixteen, after having been born and reared in a

thoroughly Christina home. My father had been in the ministry for six years at the time I was born.

I was reared in a “holiness” atmosphere, and was scarcely acquainted with any other group

until I was in my early teens. I was born in Oklahoma; lived in Clinton, Iowa, from 1906 until
1918, moving then to Indianapolis, where my father had accepted the pastorate of the First Church
of God. My conversion came at the end of an evening spent with a young married man, Carl
Struckman, tinkering with his automobile. We knelt in his garage and, following a simple prayer of
repentance, forgiveness came.

About two weeks later I attended our great International Camp Meeting of the Church of

God, which is held annually in June at Anderson, Indiana. I knew, not only from the teachings of
the church, but also from my own experience, that there was something more needed by way of
spiritual experience to stabilize my life. Sin had been forgiven, but there was need for the “old
man” to die. I needed a greater strength against temptation, a steadying influence to hold my life on
an even keel. Although forgiveness had come, I felt impelled to yield myself now as a “holy
sacrifice” to God. Before regeneration, I had come to Him as a sinful sacrifice. With my full and
complete surrender to Him for service, including ambitions, talents, and all else, there came into
my heart a new serenity and sense of conquest. I really believe there was as great a difference as
there had been in my conversion experience.

His grace has been sufficient from that hour. Jesus’ promise is true: “Ye shall receive

power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” The power has been to overcome, to witness,
to dare. Let every man know that “the promise is unto you, and to your children.”


Source: “Living Flames of Fire” by Bernie Smith

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