David Thomas (Founder of the International Holiness Mission)

February 28, 2017 // Story

(Founder of the International Holiness Mission)

At times, quite unintentionally, if the young people were not attentive to their duties, or not

courteous to customers, they would be called to task in not a very charitable spirit. Not that they
were not at fault — they certainly were; but in a moment unkind, cutting words were uttered, and
within the young employer’s heart there would come a sense of condemnation of the harsh manner
and un-Christlike Spirit. The service of the Master would lose some of its joy, the witness at the
open-air stand had not the keen edge as before.

In 1891, Dr. Watson, of Boston, Massachusetts, came to this country conducting holiness

meetings in all our large towns. He came to Speke Hall, Battersea, where one Sunday evening he
showed from the Word of God in Rom. vi. 6, “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with
Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.” Also from
many other passages in Scripture that God could deal with the sin of the heart and make men and
women holy in heart and righteous in life…

Under such direct preaching the draper from Wales, always honest in his convictions, had

to acknowledge the failure in his Christian life and service. Obedient to the call of God, at the
invitation he went forward to the penitent form for prayer, it was a time of confession, of
consecration of body, soul, spirit, business, wife, family and all that he knew, henceforth he was to
be God’s man entirely, God should have first place in his life. The consecration was complete and
final, all was on the altar, the fire of the Holy Ghost possessed his being…

The young people of the business house noticed the change, the hasty, unkind words never

again came to those lips. Holiness was found to be practical in business as well as in Church life.

Source: “David Thomas”
by those who lived, loved and laboured with him

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