E. Shelhamer (Free Methodist)

February 28, 2017 // Story

(Free Methodist)

Now, this further testimony from the experience of Rev. E. E. Shelhamer, very clearly and

forcibly, reveals the fact that human efforts of consecration and the divine crucifixion of carnal self
are not the same thing. One may consecrate endlessly and still not have the carnal nature eradicated
else one could sanctify himself merely by making a consecration. Consecration will make
crucifixion possible by getting one’s consent and making one willing to receive the death blow to
the carnal pollution of the heart.

Here is Rev. Shelhamer’s testimony to his sanctification:

I well remember my own experience when but a boy preacher. I awoke to the fact that

though I had a measure of success in soul-winning, I had doubts at certain times whether all unholy
tempers were gone. When I told it to my brethren, they tried to calm my fears by saying it was
temptation, or infirmities. They said I had the standard too high. During those six years, I professed
to have received the blessing [of holiness] a number of times. But I see now, my advisors
side-tracked me. They meant well, but instead of teaching me that holiness of heart was an
experience, an inward crucifixion, they held, as many do today, that it was a great blessing. I was
instructed to make a complete consecration, lay all on the altar and believe the altar sanctified the
gift. But this was not my trouble — lack of consecration and abandonment to God. No! I was fully
given up to God and delighted to do His will. I was not after a blessing I wanted purity. My good
brethren diverted me from my trouble within, to a blessing and more activity without.

Finally, I heard a mighty man of God tell his experience — how he had preached and

professed holiness for twenty-five years without it. But when the Holy Ghost revealed to him his
depravity — the depth of pride, self-will and hell (as Wesley taught), he cried out “LET ME DIE!
LET ME DIE!” He said he was three days confessing and deploring carnality, when suddenly the
refining fire of God purified him through and through. When I heard this, immediately I said, “This
is the Bible route — the death-route!” The Holy Ghost took me through step by step until I came to


the end of myself, when the death stroke was given and the clear witness received that the precious
Blood did NOW cleanse from all sin. O praise His Name!

Source: “Bible Holiness” By E. E. Shelhamer

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