(Second Bishop of the Free Methodist Church)

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(Second Bishop of the Free Methodist Church)

Mother Cobb was instrumental in the sanctification of Edward Payson Hart. Concerning his

second crisis experience, Hart wrote:

“…About three weeks after my conversion I went one day to an afternoon meeting, feeling

all through my soul, I had lived up to the grace I had received; something more must be done for
me. In speaking, I told the brethren and sisters just how I felt. Mother Cobb, one of God’s D. D.’s
jumped to her feet and exclaimed, ‘The young man needs the experience of entire sanctification.’ ”

Hart had seen how some others during the meetings of Dr. Redfield had seemingly been

sanctified through earnest groaning and tears. He fell to his knees and began in such a manner to
implore the Lord to sanctify him. This, however, in his case, was not how God meant to deal with
him, and it was only after the Holy Spirit managed to get his attention and his positive answers to
some probing questions that he was sanctified wholly:

“…As these tests were brought to bear on my heart I saw God was not to be put off with

strong crying and tears, but demanded unconditional surrender. I cried, ‘Yes, Lord, I’ll go
anywhere, be anything, or do anything, only cleanse me.’ Just then the faith took hold in
appropriating power and ‘the peace of God which passeth all understanding’ took possession of my
soul … Three days after I went to an afternoon meeting. They were having a season of prayer. I
knelt at a front seat. The suggestion came that I should pray. Then the thought came, ‘If you do, the
people sitting in the back of the church will look you right in the face’; but I said, ‘I am God’s man,’
and opened my mouth to pray; but before I could utter a word down came the baptism of the Holy
Ghost and fire … and for several hours I could do nothing but shout the praises of God.”

Source: “Master Workman” by Richard R. Blews

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