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(Free Methodist)

Forman Lincicome was a revered Free Methodist evangelist, and often wrote for some of

the outstanding holiness publications.

The first time my Saviour knocked at my heart’s door was at a funeral. The pastor who had

charge asked me to assist in the singing at that funeral; and while I was singing those old songs,
something spoke to me to make a change in my way of living, and I did start to live differently.
Two weeks later, under deep conviction, I found an interdenominational mission where they
believed in praying through. The third night I went, they gave an invitation for seekers; and while
they were singing, a Christian man saw me weeping and came to me and called me by my first
name: “Forman, give your heart to God.” The first man that ever asked me got me. I had lived
nearly seventeen years, and this was the first conviction and the first invitation I ever had to seek
the Lord. I took my first opportunity there for taking my best opportunity…With the help of my
friend, I walked out and bowed at the altar. I had never prayed before, and well do I remember the
prayer I made: “O God, give me a new heart.” I said it over and over, every time with a greater
degree of earnestness. In less than four minutes, I felt the burden of sin roll from me, and the peace
of God came into my soul, and a new name was written down in heaven. I was born again — made
a new creature in Christ Jesus!..

It was while I was in school studying for the ministry that I was made to see and face my

need of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was on Sunday morning that the pastor of the church read
John Wesley’s sermon on pride, and I saw the impurity of my heart. Pride was my besetting sin.
Some are proud of one thing, some of another. Some are proud of their face, others of their lace,
others of their race, others of their place, while still others are actually proud of their grace; and of
all the most abominable forms of pride in the sight of God, it is a man who is proud of his grace.

I had gone for nearly five years from the time I was born of the Spirit until I felt my need of

the baptism of the Spirit…So just as soon as I saw and felt my need of it, I sought it at the altar; and
when I told God of my need, I made a real confession. Real confessions are always made in the


singular and never in the plural. When I said, “O God, come and cleanse me and fill me” (and not
us), He sent an angel with a live coal and touched me, and I was cleansed and filled at the same

Source: “Living Flames of Fire” by Bernie Smith

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