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Soon after my union with the M. E. Church, in the year 1804, I heard the doctrine of

holiness, or entire sanctification, preached. I examined the Holy Bible for its proof. I soon
commenced seeking this higher and holy state. I honestly-believed it attainable in this life, if ever,
as I reasoned, “We must have it to enter the kingdom of God above, as no unholy thing can enter
there; and there is no work in the grave. If death and the grave are to do it, then universal salvation
must follow, as all must die; then the grave. Hence, if it be ever attainable, it is now attainable.”

I sought it with prayers and tears for weeks and months. So distressed as my anxious soul

for this salvation at times, sleep departed from me. Finally I resolved to retire to the grove, and on
my knees continued to wrestle with the Holy one, in the name of our prevailing Advocate, till he
should send down his great salvation. I continued in prayer till it appeared to the soul’s eye the
blessing as coming down from the Father of lights as a globe, brighter than the sun, or as burnished
gold. It seemed as large as the hemisphere: but, as it descended, it grew less and less in it
appearance; and I thought God was condensing, it, that I might grasp and embrace the whole. Oh,
how my youthful heart beat ! It came nearer and nearer! But, oh! just as I was laying hold of the
greatly-desired prize, the thought rushed into my mind, ” You are too young, too inexperienced, too
unworthy, for so great a blessing. It is for older and more experienced Christian” And, thus
reasoning, the golden opportunity, the golden globe of light and love disappeared. I sank to the dust
in gloom, fear, and doubt. For a long time, if I thought about seeking this great blessing, a check
would come over my feelings: “You might have enjoyed it; you gave away to the enemy, to
unbelief!” I believed it attainable and absolutely all-important.

I preached the holy doctrine, and sometimes as though I enjoyed it; as my faith was firm in

its truth that it as easy and pleasant to preach it. I always felt the more happy in preaching it, than in
enforcing most other Bible doctrines. After some years thus spent I greatly desired the abiding
witness of its enjoyment. Thanks to God, again he enabled me to commence the struggle for this
blessing; and again it descended as a globe of light above the brightness of the sun, and I was taken
up into is centre: the earth and sublunary things vanished, and I appeared as light as vanity, and


God as all in all; and the elementary globe, in the centre of which I seemed to be moving, as
represented to me as the Deity. As God is love, and as I was basking in this globe of love, I cried,
”I am in God; and He, by His Spirit, dwells in me. Hallelujah! Glory to the Lamb!”

Soon after this glorious manifestation, in which state I was as happy as I could be in the

earthly tabernacle, I met a Christian brother, who, I supposed, knew and enjoyed it. From the
fullness of my heart, and childlike simplicity, I cried in great earnestness, “Dear brother, God has
sanctified my soul; He has made me holy.” He made no reply, and seemed surprised. This threw a
check on the fervor of my buoyant feelings. I soon gave way to the unwise thought that, “It may
prove a stumbling-block to others; I will try to live in its enjoyment: let my life speak for it, –
preach it as attainable, as a Bible doctrine.” For score of years, I have enjoyed more or less of this
soul-transforming blessing.

Recently I have been confined to my bed by illness Glory to my Jesus, my soul has dwelt

on Pisgah’s mount! On death’s brink I have cast the eye of faith: beyond the vale, all was bright and
glorious. I shall go safe when called for, if my faith fail not.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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