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I met a gentleman (who may be within the hearing of my voice now,) on the sidewalk last

evening who said he received all that anybody ever receives, at conversion. I didn’t argue with
him. I don’t believe in too much argument. But I didn’t happen to get sanctification in that way. I
was three days and three nights — seventy-two hours under the power of Holy Ghost conviction,
and God converted me through and through. I had no living sacrifice to offer to God. I was dead in
trespasses and sin, and no good thing was in me, and I cried to God for mercy. I could neither eat
nor sleep. I was driven to the wall. I cried unto God to have mercy upon me a poor sinner. God
heard my cry and regenerated me with the power of the Holy Ghost, and made me alive from the

I then ran about everywhere, so to speak, thirty, forty or sixty miles from home, telling

everybody what a dear Savior I had found. I never came to the point of offering a living sacrifice
to God for thirteen years. Phoebe Palmer and the Guide to Holiness had a great deal to do with my
sanctification. Somehow a copy of this magazine came into my hands, and it gave me instruction in
the way of Holiness. Then I heard Sister Phoebe Palmer deliver a prayer at a camp meeting at
Martha’s Vineyard away back in 59 or 60, and I never got rid of the impression that prayer made
until God sanctified me wholly. I was brought up, strange to say, under this character of
instruction: that we were sanctified at death, and that we were sanctified by reading the Bible
through and through, are sanctified by the truth. Another teaching was, that we were sanctified at
conversion and regeneration. The above was the character of teaching I sat under for thirteen years
in my own denomination, and to a great extent the above teaching is very prevalent today among us
as a denomination.

I saw a notice of a three days convention for the promotion of Holiness, at New Bedford,

Mass., Nov. 14, 15, and 16, 1870. I attended the meetings. They were under the leadership of W.
T. Harlow, a godly Methodist minister. Under his clear teaching of the way of faith in offering a
living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, I saw my privilege, made the offering, believed, and


entered in, and God sanctified the offering and illuminated my entire being, filled me with the Holy
Ghost and love, and gave me a revelation of the plan of salvation such as I never had before, and
from loves constraining power I have been a worker for Jesus in this line ever since. All glory and
praise to His holy name. We are living witnesses to the fact that God did, subsequent to our
conversion, sanctify us wholly to Himself.

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Source: “Echoes of the General Holiness Assembly” by S. B. Shaw

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