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[At the time this testimony was written, George R. Harris was superintendent of the

Penn-Jersey District of The Wesleyan Church.]

While still in my teens God, in a way unique to His wonderful grace, brought me into

contact with persons and circumstances which were to become instruments of salvation to me.

With a “holiness oriented” background I was a forced conformist rather than a free convert.

During a Sunday evening revival service, the Spirit of God reached me during a message from
Rev. 20:11-15. As I bowed before the “opened books,” I found a clear and beautiful witness that
my name had been written in the book of life.

Amid a desire for all of God’s will I began reading, praying, fasting, loving, and witnessing

in a way which produced the fruit of conversion among some who had been my friends in a life of

Following a period of exciting growth while walking in complete obedience, on a

memorable afternoon in our old barn, God came in what was my personal assurance of cleansing
and confirmation of His call into His service.

Shortly thereafter I was again kneeling at the altar of a “name” evangelist — this time,

however, with a young friend whom I was assisting in coming to Christ. The evangelist, knowing
nothing of God’s dealings with me, immediately — assumed I was seeking holiness, for this had
been his subject.

When I told him how the Lord had met my need previously and that I had brought my friend

to find the Saviour, he was most reluctant to accept this and began insisting upon the necessity of
my knowing that I was sanctified.


One sentence could not describe the darkness this evangelist’s “unbelief” created for me.

His system, it seemed, could accommodate only what God did according to its own rule. His
gospel had formulated its own law of seeking and that was the public altar.

Fortunately, once again the witness came clearly through the gloom. That early encounter

with the letter which killeth, perhaps more than any other thing, brought alive to me the fact that life
is in the Son rather than the system.

Source: “And They Shall Prophesy”
Compiled by George E. Failing

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