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I was born February 1, 1873, [about 26 years prior to the printing of this testimony] — not a

great while ago, you see,–in the northeastern corner of the “Old North State.” The little city of
Elizabeth, forty miles from Norfolk, Va., and about as far from the Atlantic coast, held my father
and mother, grandfather and grandmother on both sides. My paternal grandsire was a Methodist
class-leader of the “old stripe,” but I was not “the son of a prophet,” my father pursuing secular
walks of life to the end. How memory pictures those characters and days to me now with my own
aspirations and ambitions! The old homestead, the school-house, the blooming clover yards,
mother, the bed-room, my trundle bed, the little lamp that burned all night behind the chair on
which my father’s clothes were laid, the hands that tucked the covers in just before my eyelids shut,
the boys with whom I used to play! (Where are they now?) Memory paints a vivid picture, — how
real it all is! — and my heart, contemplating it, calls loudly to the past, “Has all this gone from me
forever?” I wait for an answer, but none is vouchsafed me save the grim echo of my own heart’s
cry, “Gone from me forever.”

At the kind solicitation of my uncle, I removed to Baltimore, Maryland, at thirteen years of

age, and have since made my home with him, except when away preaching. Then the latter part of
my eighteenth year I realized an unmistakable call to preach, and left the stenographer’s desk for
the pulpit. Three years I labored as an evangelist, then entered the Baltimore Conference of the M.
E. Church, South, was received into full connection, ordained deacon by Bishop John C.
Granberry, and afterwards located to again engage in special evangelistic work. God has
graciously sustained me in my efforts to bring glory to His name. Going forth a boy, both in years
and experience, I have had nothing and no one but Jesus upon whom to depend. He has more than
proven His all-sufficiency.

Grandfather, father, mother and oldest brother are dead. The old home in North Carolina is

sold and desecrated. The pretty evergreen and rose bushes, and the delicate pinks and hyacinths,
which were planted by my own mother’s hands, are torn up by the roots and cast into the street. But


so is life. All these things must come. Happy is the man who has learned to look away from them to
a home beyond the stars!

My conversion and sanctification were on this wise: By the providence of God, my aunt

and I attended the morning service at Central M. E. Church, South, on the second Sunday in
September, eight or nine years ago. I was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church, but
unconverted. Rev. S. W. Haddaway — now with the Lord — preached that morning, with the Holy
Ghost sent down from heaven, on “Five of them were wise.” The Spirit smote me. I sank into the
convicting consciousness that my vessel had no oil. At the end of a week I attended a Holiness
meeting and told them of my condition. As soon as my faith had laid hold of Christ, He, “the Sun of
Righteousness,” arose “with healing in his wings. “A great calmness possessed my heart, as if
Jesus Himself had spoken and said: “Peace be unto you.”

At once I was told of the “root of bitterness” and exhorted to seek its annihilation. It was

not long until I saw the need of this annihilation. Entering my room one afternoon, perhaps six
months after my conversion, I closed the windows, locked the door and asked the Lord to give me
the grace then. Immediately the power of God was upon me to do that which my faith accepted.
Hallelujah to the Lamb!

My present experience is sweet to tell. I am hiding in Jesus. The blessedness of that Place

of Rest no pen can show. He holds me to His bosom. He covers me with His wing. He keeps me
by His power. I rest in His LOVE. — E. H. Dashiell

Source: “Pentecostal Messengers” by M. W. Knapp

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