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Dr. Harry Jessop was editor of the Heart and Life publication, and he was also president

of the Chicago Evangelistic Institute.

For some reason or other, details concerning another’s experience, spiritual or otherwise,

are always of interest. It is therefore a joy for me to tell what happened in this deeper relationship
with God, and what it has meant to me.

It happened a long time ago; but the memory of it is so fresh and the results have been so

lasting that it is still gloriously up-to-date, affecting my entire Christian life past, present, and

From that first moment of the realization of saving grace, I wanted all that God could give

me, and soon found myself yearning for a deeper life in Him. It was not long before I began to feel
that, glorious as my new experience in conversion had been, God was now holding before me
something of a deeper nature than that which I already enjoyed.

While my love for Christ was such that it pained me to know that I had grieved Him, my

spiritual life was far from constant, and my communion was not sustained. Frequently, the conflicts
into which I came did not end in such a manner as to bring glory to the Lord. I was conscious of a
lack of power in service, and of a strange inward conflict which did not seem to be consistent with
New Testament standards.

One day, however, an unexpected thing happened: I met a man whose face shone with

something I had never seen before. It was a heavenly radiance betokening a real soul satisfaction
and suggesting a deep inward rest. As I looked at him, my heart was filled with an unspeakable
longing to have what he possessed; but the longer I looked, the more puzzled I became. As he
looked at me, he evidently read the longing of my hungry heart, for he startled me with a strange


“Brother,” said he, “have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire?”

My reply must have sounded simple, but it came from my heart as I answered:

“I don’t know what you mean by being baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire; but if that is it

that shines out of your face, I want it.”

He was not long in telling me that the radiance on his countenance was the result of a

definite spiritual experience, a baptism with the Holy Spirit. Wesley called it The Second
Blessing; and this, said my new-found friend, is for you, and for every child of God who will seek
it today. He began to give me some simple instructions as to how I might receive it, showing me
the need of a complete consecration, my entire life with all its reaches being demanded as a living
sacrifice to God. When that consecration was complete, a simple act of faith would bring the

It is a joy to testify that the consecration was made and the faith exercised; and, blessed be

God, the Blessing came!

Source: “Living Flames of Fire” by Bernie Smith

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