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After being for some time deeply exercised on the subject of Holiness, I one evening took

the “Way of Holiness,” which had that day fallen into my hands, and went to a retired room, when
it occurred to me that I might and ought to stay up and make known my request to God, at least till
midnight. Nature was averse; but I had no sooner made up my mind to this course than I received
new power to seek God. Satan harassed me every now and then with evil thoughts. I solemnly
besought God to aid me, and pleaded that, as He had given the desire, it must be His intention to
bestow the blessing. I acted on the suggestion of Mrs. Palmer, to lay the sacrifice on the altar, and I
had a new and affecting view of the Christian altar covered with the blood of the divine victim. On
this altar I placed myself, and besought God to take possession of the offering. I … pleaded “the
precious blood.”

I besought God to give me some clear and indubitable manifestation, that there might be no

further doubt on my mind. I expressed myself somewhat as follows, — “Lord, thou knowest that I
shall have to testify for thee, and cannot do so confidently if there be a doubt on the mind as to the
possession of the blessing. Thou knowest my naturally doubtful frame of mind. Give me such an
inward witness that I shall not be able to doubt or mistake.” I said a great deal more to the Lord,
and I thank God He gave me “to seek Him with my whole heart.” I felt fully conscious of this; and
the more I prayed the more I was drawn out in prayer. Again and again I laid myself on the altar
and appealed to God to take possession of the offering. I was thus engaged when the Holy Ghost
came upon me in a gloriously indescribable manner.

Words fail to convey to another mind that I then experienced. My frame trembled; the glory

surrounded me. It was not simply like a manifestation of God to the soul, but as if God were
visible present in His glory, and as if the divine light penetrated the physical as well as the moral
nature. Not a doubt remained. The Lord suddenly came to His temple. Now I can write most
confidently and truthfully, that the visitation was such, that it drove away all possible doubt, as to
the communication of the grace which I sought. To doubt was impossible. God, the Holy One, had
come and possessed me. I trembled exceedingly, and for some time I could only ceaselessly


exclaim, Glory! Glory! Glory! Glory! and the exclamation seemed to be involuntary, as if it
proceeded from the Spirit within me, more than from myself. This was near the midnight hour.

I remember also, before this ever-memorable visitation, praying, that God would apply

some portion of His own word to my mind, and these words came with power, — “Now ye are
clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.” And I said, “What word, Lord? ” and the
answer was, “I will; be thou clean.”

I began to plead for poor sinners, and I hope that God will soon save amongst us by scores

and hundreds. But of this I have no inward assurance, only my cry is, “Lord, increase my faith.”
This memorable fact took place in a few days after I arrived at Trowbridge, when appointed by the
Conference to labor in the Bradford Wilt Circuit.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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