Ira Taylor

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Sanctified and Called to Preach

My wife and I were visiting our missionary work in the West Indies and South America.

Our steamer had docked at the island of Nevis about four o’clock in the afternoon. It was to leave
at eleven that night for the island of Antigua. We had not known our ship was to stop at Nevis so
we had not informed our National missionaries there of our coming. They were surprised, but said
we must have a service.

By seven-thirty they had an overflow crowd at the church. I preached on Holiness, and the

fourteen-year-old son of the national missionary was sanctified. His parents left with us that night
to go to the island of Antigua, where I was to hold a conference and a revival. We had been on
Antigua for four days when that boy’s mother received a letter from him saying, “Mother, the night
Brother Flexon was here I was sanctified. I went to bed but could not sleep. I became burdened for
the people of our island. The next morning I made some crude posters and put them in the stores
and the post office announcing a revival to begin in your church that night, and the people are
coming and I am doing the preaching, and God is giving us a revival.”

That boy became one of our great national preachers, and has preached in our large camp

in the United States. That was Ira Taylor.

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Source: “Illustrations and Experiences” by Richard G. Flexon

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