Pres. Natl. Holiness Assoc.

February 7, 2017 // Story


  1. J. FOWLER
Pres. Natl. Holiness Assoc.

I was brought out from darkness into light as clear as day. I can say that I was never

tempted from that minute to this to doubt that I was converted, that night in the old Methodist
Church in the White Hills of New England. I got conversion in that little old church. I need not tell
you; I could not tell you those heavenly sensations that accompanied it, and God has used me as an
instrument to bring thousands of precious souls to Christ. On the occasion of my sanctification, I
went into a service and they were praying for somebody. I didn’t know who. I knew it fitted me. I
was pastor of a large church at the time. I went forward and Deacon Morse came and knelt by my
side and began to pray. He said: “O, God, we are unworthy to pray for this preacher. He has been
a successful preacher.” I hate to say this, but this what he said: “He has been a successful preacher,
a useful preacher. He is pastor of a commanding church. We are unworthy, etc.” I knew that man
wasn’t working along God’s line. That prayer enhanced my suffering. He seemed to be conscious of
this; He stopped to take breath and said: “God take the devil out of this fellow.” Here I was, pastor
of a large church, and here I was down on the floor, but I said: “If the devil is in me, I want that
prayer answered. If he is not he must not come in now,” and I stuck to it and God brought me in and
I am in now.

My soul is on the stretch for victory here. Give us such a victory as shall be felt all over

the world, that the angels in heaven may rejoice, and you and I have cause to shout hallelujahs for
thousands of years without taking breath! O, that somebody might get deliverance!

Source: “Echoes of the General Holiness Assembly,”
edited by S. B. Shaw

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