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I obtained religion Aug. 23, 1823; and was as happy, I think, as any one could be without

being wholly sanctified. I was on the mount continually, happy day and night. It was my whole
soul’s intent to do the will of God, to bear the cross, to exhort sinners, and tell of the
loving-kindness of God to all as I had opportunity.

“Jesus all the day long
Was my joy and my song;”

and, oh, how I longed for all His salvation to see!

But, after a while, I found I had got some fighting to do, as well as shouting. I had many

conflicts with the enemy. He would often tell me, “You have no religion.” My faith would
sometimes waver a little; but I would pray the more earnestly. I believed it was my privilege to
know always that I was in favor with God, to have an abiding witness of my acceptance. I was
convinced the great blessing of perfect love was attainable.

I lived in this state about two years, when I attended a Camp-meeting near Blackwood

Town, where I was powerfully convinced that I must be cleansed from all sin. this became the
burden of my prayer, and for six weeks I prayed almost day and night that God would cleanse me
and make me holy. I never doubted one moment but that the blessing was in store for me; for God
has said, “Be ye holy,” and He will never withhold grace to do what He requires of us.

I prayed on. The more I prayed, the brighter it looked. The stronger my faith, the happier I

became, until at length I was convinced that God had cleansed me from all sin. My soul was let
into the clear light, life, and fullness of Christ my Lord, Glory to God! forty-one years I have been
drinking at the fountain-head. I have enjoyed a fullness of Christ continually. As local preacher, I
have been striving to work for God according to my ability, until my lungs were worn out. I am
broken down, old, and feeble; but it’s all glory. Oh, how it does rejoice my heart to know that


holiness is spreading. May it, like a flood-tide, roll on, and roll on, until the world shall be filled
with the glory of God!

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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