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[The short paragraph below is not included as a straightforward testimony to the second

work of grace. It contains only a definition of sanctification, rather than a testimony thereto, by
James Arminius. I include it as an interesting item, without endeavoring to answer the question of
whether or not he ever professed the experience of entire sanctification as a second, definite work
of grace. He is the man from whom “Arminianism” takes its name, and it does seem interesting to
me that he defined sanctification as clearly as he did. There appears to be nothing in it that is
contrary to the belief that entire sanctification is received as a divine heart-cleansing subsequent to
the new birth. — DVM]

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ARMINIUS, the “Father of Christian Theology”: “Sanctification is a gracious act of God

whereby he purifies man, who is a believer, from indwelling sin with its lust and desires, and
endues him with the spirit of knowledge, righteousness, and holiness. It consists in the
mortification or death of the old man, and in the quickening of the new man.” Popes’ Theology.

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Source: “Were the Disciples Born Again Before Pentecost?” by Arthur

  1. Vess

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