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I am sorry for a trembling, timid soul. I know what it is by experience … My feeling was

that I would die young if I were not rid of that fearful spirit, so going to my pastor I told him that in
my heart there was a struggle which I felt was not one a Christian ought to have. I related to him
how it would rise up and make me fearful. This pastor was the ugliest man I ever saw, it seemed to
me, but he got uglier than ever as he drawled out: “Brother John, we all have that and will have it
as long as we live.” What consolation from a man supposed to lead God’s people out of the Egypt
of sin into the Canaan of holiness! “Brother John” got rid of it about two or three weeks later, and
then they got rid of “Brother John.”

We were trying to resurrect a dead church (what a job!) and I went out into the woods to

pray. Finding a pretty, mossy place I dropped to my knees and commenced praying. But a voice
seemed to whisper to me, “Why don’t you pray for yourself to get sanctified?” That started me to
praying for myself and the longer I prayed the louder it got. I tell you, I got away from the devil that
day. People who passed by looked out among the trees to see what was going on, but that didn’t
stop me. I prayed and prayed, and then prayed some more. It appeared to me that the woods were
on fire; it looked like the treetops had caught fire. The day of my Pentecost had come and I was
sanctified wholly. My shouting and praising God ruined all that pretty moss, but Glory to God, I
feel the fire burning yet! My fear was gone. Timidity was gone. Since then I have made lots of
blunders and I feel my inability and know my needs better than anyone else knows them. But, thank
God, I haven’t been afraid to try to do what He has wanted me to do since that time.

Source: “Blue Ridge Mountain Evangelist”
by John A. Clement

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