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A truly born again soul begins immediately to manifest the fruits of the Spirit; but, before

long, he becomes conscious of something in his heart which spoils his testimony and cripples his
usefulness; something within him which is aptly described by George Fox as “something which
would not keep sweet”…

Under the illumination of the Holy Ghost, I began to consecrate my whole life to Christ

who had saved me, for I longed to be truly spiritual. One of the last things to be surrendered to the
Lord was my music. For weeks that unmistakable inner voice kept saying, “Will you be a society
entertainer or a soul-winner? Will you let Me have that gift entirely for My use and My glory?” I
gladly let it go to the Giver. This meant a complete break with my musical friends. From that day
to this, my voice has never been used for anything save His work and glory.

The deeper my consecration, the more intense became my hunger for all the fullness of

God. I knew, in a very real sense, what my Lord meant when He said, “Blessed are they which do
hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (Matt. 5:6)…I cared not whether I
lived or died: I wanted God more than friends or fame or fortune, yea, more even than food; my
whole soul was crying out for God as the hart for the water brooks.

Then, suddenly, one day some months after my new birth, on a country road between

Blantyre and Uddingston, the Holy Ghost fell upon me, purging, cleansing, and filling. It was an
unforgettable day, when it seemed as if the billows of God’s pure love rolled over my soul. It
seemed to come in wave after wave of pure, holy love. I praised and magnified the God of heaven
for such unspeakable glory. Love, love, love! I shouted and praised God with my whole being…

After that mighty baptism with His Spirit, the language of my heart was, and has been ever

since, “Spirit of God, my Teacher be.”

Source: “J. D. Drysdale — Prophet of Holiness”
Edited by Norman Grubb


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