(1717 — 1800)

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(1717 — 1800)

“Many years ago, when I was at Hornby, in Yorkshire, I had a violent illness. None about

me expected I should ever recover. When to all appearance I was near death, Mr. Olivers sent Mr.
Minethorpe to Hornby with a letter, to inform me he would come and preach my funeral sermon,
and rejoice over me. The good women that sat round my bed said, ‘We never had a preacher die
here before. We shall have a great company of people to hear the funeral sermon.’ I heard one of
them say, ‘Now he is going.’ Meantime the cry of my heart was, ‘Lord, sanctify me now or never.’
In that instant I felt the mighty power of His sanctifying Spirit. It came down into my soul as a
refining fire, purifying and cleansing from all unrighteousness. And from that instant I began to
recover. But oh how slow of heart have I been to believe, and how hard to understand the deep
things of God! Before my conversion, I thought, if I repented all my days, and was pardoned at last,
it would be a great blessing. But when it pleased God to pardon me, I knew, ‘now is the accepted
time; now is the day of salvation.’ But I had the same conceptions of sanctification that I had before
of justification. I preached it as a slow gradual work. And while did so, I gained no ground: I was
easily provoked, which made me fear lest after I had preached to others I myself should be a
castaway. But now, glory be to God, I feel no anger, no pride, no self-will: old things are passed
away. All things are become new. Now I know, he that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God, and
God in him!”

John Furz’ obituary was read in the Minutes of 1800: ‘JOHN FURZ, an aged servant of the

Lord. He travelled many years in our Connexion, and was a zealous defender of our purest
doctrines. His mental powers were so decayed that, for several years, he seemed sunk in second
childhood: but he retained his piety, and closed his life in holy triumph, having fought the good
fight of faith.’

Source: Originally from “Lives of Early Methodist Preachers”
by Thomas Jackson


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