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In a little journal which came to my attention sometime ago from London, England, I found

the testimony of one, brother John Garrick, under the caption of “A Complete Deliverance.” I
greatly enjoyed this testimony and am passing it on to others. In connection with it I wish to call
attention to one very important statement. Brother Garrick witnesses with reference to his
experience in regeneration, “Sin did not reign in my life, but it existed.” This statement of the truth
is really classical.

Brother Garrick’s testimony follows:

The sainted Fletcher of Madeley says, “When you are solemnly called upon to bear

testimony to the truth and to say what great things God has done for you, it would be cowardice or
false prudence not to do it with humility.” I was born again when eighteen years of age, and a great
change was wrought in my life by the Spirit of God. Such a fountain of joy was opened in my heart
that it utterly extinguished the desire for all I had formerly found pleasure in. I was a new creature
in Christ Jesus. Old things had passed away, all things had become new. I had passed from death
unto life. My entry into the Christian experience was so satisfactory to me that I imagined the work
of God in my soul was complete; that sin had not only been forgiven, but destroyed. However, I
was soon to find my mistake. I was an out-and-out Christian and very earnest and sincere in my
service. I wished to be a useful member in the church, but soon I became conscious of the presence
of a “mixed multitude” in my inner being.

There were hankerings for the things of Egypt, murmurings against God because of a

dissatisfied experience, and passionate longing for the promised land. Sin did not reign in my life,
but it existed. It had been subdued but not removed. The old man had been bound but not cast out
and spoiled of his goods. I continued like this for eighteen months, when Mr. T. Lamb Scott came
to address some meetings in connection with the Pentecostal League of Prayer which were being
held in the Mission I was attending. He preached complete deliverance from sin and the Baptism
of the Holy Ghost to meet the entire need of man. In response to his appeal I claimed the blessing


and, to the glory of God, I humbly testify that God has sanctified me wholly. He has baptized me
with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Hallelujah!

To all the world I dare avow
That Jesus sanctifies me now.

For me to describe what I then realized is utterly impossible. Jesus became a mighty

reality. He became all-in-all, the altogether lovely One, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley.
Hallelujah! Glory! I have cause to shout over the work of that eventful day. During the seventeen
years that have since passed, God has stood by and helped me. I have had varying circumstances to
test the genuineness of my submission and the saving power of God, and I can truthfully say I know
”the blood of Jesus Christ his Son, cleanseth from all sin.”

Source: A Holiness Manifesto by C. W. Butler

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