(Salvation Army Commissioner)

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(Salvation Army Commissioner)

Conversion had brought so real and radical a change to Lawley and Irons, and they were so

entirely devoted to the service of God, that, for a while, no second work of grace seemed
necessary for them. Surely, they had Full Salvation!

A sense of lack came first to Ted. His quick, alert mind was allied to a generous, fiery

nature, which, upon occasion, developed to fierce resentfulness…Anger and resentment were not
Johnny’s difficulty. He was never known to be “out of temper”; but when Dowdle sang “None of
self, but all of Thee,” Johnny knew that he had not reached that experience except in desire…After
a Holiness Meeting, in which Dowdle had spoken on the changing of Jacob’s character, he found
Johnny and Ted still on their knees. “Here, you boys! What seek ye?” he inquired. “Full
deliverance, and we won’t leave the Hall till we get it,” Johnny replied. “God is not far away. It is
His will to cleanse you. Surrender yourself entirely. Stretch out your hand of faith, believe, and

…Looking back on this experience forty-five years later, he said: “We prayed, and light

came. We stood up, and claimed the blessing…From that night these lads were conscious of a
wondrous power in their lives. Ted could take insults with a smile since there was no fire of anger
in his heart, and his life of meekness preached more loudly than his fiery eloquence.

Johnny ceased from his own words in which self-gratification had hitherto shared, and

henceforth worked the works of Him who had called, and cleansed, and sanctified his soul.

Source: “Commissioner John Lawley” by Mrs. Colonel Carpenter

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