(Founder of Asbury and Kingswood Colleges)

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(Founder of Asbury and Kingswood Colleges)

I lived an enthusiastic, happy, regenerated life for thirteen years, working constantly in

revival and preparing myself for college, and as a college and university student, and a member of
the Kentucky Conference. I was always under conviction for what was known then as “a deeper
work of grace,” but now known clearly to mean the blessing of entire sanctification. I did not know
what my trouble was for I constantly hungered and thirsted after righteousness. The Holy Spirit,
always true to his office work, kept me under constant conviction or the fullness of the Gospel of
the grace of God. But the doctrine and experience of holiness, were not taught then, so far as I
knew. Hence I remained in constant anxiety as to what my hunger meant.

In the providence of God, Doctor W. B. Godbey wrote me more than once, desiring to hold

a meeting for me, but I heard he was a crank, or half crazy, and did not answer his letters. But he
came anyway and volunteered his services to hold a meeting, against my own personal wishes. But
after much prayer and thought, I concluded to keep him and let the meeting go on.

He preached day and night, almost all the time on “inbred sin and holiness” which I and my

people thought was a mistake, but proved in the end that he was God-led. Wife, myself and people
gave him a careful hearing as did many of the community, resulting in a gracious revival. Had quite
a number of clear conversions, among them was my wife, who had been a constant seeker for
about two years.

One night he preached on Pentecost from the text, “And they were all filled with the Holy

Ghost.” I was not a backslider, but a burdened Christian praying and hoping for a deeper work of
grace, and the salvation of my people. The power of the Holy Ghost rested upon the preacher, his
message and the people. The altar was filled with penitent sinners, crying to God for mercy and
while I was talking to a penitent in the audience, I felt I must talk to the people, and as I began the
Holy Ghost fell on me and took away my consciousness.


I sat down on a bench near by and when I came to consciousness I was saying, “Lord, it is

enough. I can bear no more.” I then believed and still believe that the power of God was so great,
it was all my nerves could bear. I heard Brother Godbey say, “Glory to God, Brother Hughes is
sanctified.” I was thus wholly sanctified at Chaplin, Ky., 9 P. M., Dec. 30, 1882.

Source: “The Autobiography of John Wesley Hughes”
with Biographical Contributions by Andrew Johnson

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