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[It may be correctly stated that the material below does not contain an account of the

subject’s entire sanctification nor a direct testimony to the experience. It is inserted as a matter of
interest and evidence that Christians from the earliest times were aware of the need of that
”holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” And, in some cases their written insights on
the subject may indeed have originated from personal experience. — DVM]

Justin Martyr, a philosopher, converted to Christianity after vainly searching the

philosophies of the ancients, and who finally sealed his testimony with his blood, wrote as
follows: “For our own Ruler, the divine Word, who even now constantly aids us, does not desire
strength of body and beauty of feature, nor yet the high spirit of earth’s nobility, but a pure soul,
fortified by holiness, and the watchwords of our King, holy actions, for through the Word power
passes into the soul. O trumpet of peace to the soul that is at war! O weapon that puttest to flight
terrible passions! These instructions that quench the innate fires of the soul! These have conquered
me — the divinity of the instruction, and the power of the Word: for as a skilled serpent charmer
lures the terrible reptile from his den and causes it to flee, so the Word drives the fearful passions
of our sensual nature from the very recesses of the soul; first driving forth lust, through which
every ill is begotten — hatreds, strife, envy, emulations, anger, and such like. Lust being once
banished, the soul becomes calm and serene. And being set free from the ills in which it was sunk
up to the neck, it returns to him which made it.”

Source: “Objections to Holiness Considered”
by H. A. Baldwin

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(A Collection of Holiness Experience Accounts)
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