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  1. K. DOTY

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Bro. T. K. Doty of Cleveland, O.: “I was converted about forty-five years ago. I became a

business man in Cleveland, Ohio. It was there I was introduced to a Mrs. Farmer, who said to me:
Do you enjoy the blessed experience of holiness? She added looking me straight in the eye, You
may have as beautiful an experience as St. Paul. I began to think about it. For about three weeks I
was praying and under deep conviction, when I heard a brother get up and testify. I saw it was for
everybody; that it was the Fathers will that we should be sanctified. I gave up everything. I died
out to self. I didn’t have any great emotion, but I knew I had the experience. I went to a camp
meeting, and found that they had the same thing. I didn’t know but what they had something better!
God cleansed my heart, and I felt so clean. I have been testifying to it for twenty-four years. Let us
pray mightily that God may make this Assembly a great blessing, and that He may put His seal on
this meeting.”

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Source: “Echoes of the General Holiness Assembly” by S. B. Shaw

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