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I feel that it is my duty to add my mite to the testimony of that great and growing army who

are walking in the “King’s highway of holiness.”

I was powerfully converted to God in February of 1863, at a protracted meeting held on the

“Page-Brook” Circuit, Wyoming Conference, conducted by Brother Enes Puffer. After a very brief,
but severe struggle, while alone in the secret place with God, I dedicated myself as never before to
Him, and inwardly resolved that I would never rise from my knees until I knew that God had, for
Christ’s sake, forgiven my sins. I believed, when I made the first effort to go to the altar of prayer,
that God would save me.

After I had arrived at this decision, God’s Spirit came, and broke my heart all in pieces,

showed me my life-work, forgave my sin, and filled my soul with love and peace. I commenced at
once to testify in reference to what God had done for me, and to bear my cross always and
everywhere; and, as a result, I grew up into Christ from the hour of my conversion.

I do not know that, at that time, a single member of that society professed to be “saved from

all sin ;” and, up to that time, I knew but little in reference to Methodism, and less in reference to
this specific blessing. But God very soon, by His Spirit, convicted my heart that I needed to be
entirely sanctified; and I straightway began to pray for it in a general way, not expecting to attain it
for a long time, say ten or twenty year hence; and then I expected to grow into it. Up to this time I
had never heard a sermon preached on the subject, and had never heard any relate experience, or
make a profession of it. Thus I continued to live for about five months, when I was persuaded
(much against my wishes or preferences) to attend a camp-meeting held within the bounds of the
Wyoming Conference. I there heard, for the first time, this doctrine set forth explicitly from the
pulpit. At the close of one of the sermons, Rev.. B. W. Gorham urged upon believers the duty of
entering into this “more perfect way;” and invited all who should seek it then, as a distinct
blessing, to present themselves at the altar for prayers. Among others I went to the altar, feeling my
need, but not expecting to receive it then.


I continued to seek it in a general way until Friday, when my agony became more

intolerable than when I was seeking pardon. This state of things continued until evening, when I
went into a small tent, where one or two other, in about the same condition, were seeking the same
blessing. There I was taught “the way of faith” by those who were “walking in the light ;” and,
while on my knees before God, there, in that little tent, ” wrestling ” with God for a clean heart, He
showed me again my life-work, and blasted all my pre-conceived earthly plans. I then and there
made an entire surrender of all my plans and idols, and by faith took Christ to be my full Saviour
and my fortress forever; then the blessing came, not in the way I had imagined, but with that “silent
awe that dares not move;” and Jesus was so near, so precious, and so mighty to save! The evidence
to my heart was so definite, so tangible, and so conclusive, that Satan has never attacked me on that

It is about twelve and a half years since, and I have been enabled by divine grace to walk

in the light most of the time since, with the exception of a few weeks, when I was debating the
question of duty in reference to entering the “regular work” of the ministry. But I praise God that
the clear light now shines, and my evidence is brighter, and my “salvation is nearer than when I

Ye ransomed ones of God,
Who bear the blood-stained banners,
And lead the hosts of God’s elect
With song and glad hosannas.
Ye who are panoplied
And girt with mighty power:
Who valiant have fought and stood
Till this decisive hour.

Sing for the word goes forth,
”advance, victorious legions!
The marshalled might of God’s elect
Shall conquer sin’s dark regions
Till ever land shall shine
till God’s own peace and beauty,
And ever soul become a shrine
Of holy love and duty.”

O, all ye blood bought throng
Who bear God’s shining banners,
O, all  who sing redemption’s song,
And follow with hosannas!
Exultant lift our voice,
Sing loud the wonderous story,
Till earth subdued shall learn the strain,
And hail the King of Glory!


Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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