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While reading the bible on my knees, the chapter for the day was Exodus the twenty-ninth.

when I came to the thirty-seventh verse, my attention became unusually arrested: especially did the
words, “And it shall be an altar most holy: whatsoever TOUCHETH the altar shall be holy,” enter
in my heart, and with them a power I do not remember to have felt before, when trying to believe
”the altar sanctifieth the gift.” I saw, and I still see, a peculiar force in the words, “toucheth the

Many a time, during these years past, I have consecrated my whole being to the Lord, and

felt very happy in doing so for a time; but then my heart would grow cold again, and would relapse
into doubt, and fear, and sin. I now see that the fault has been, not in the imperfection of my
consecration, but in the imperfection, or rather misdirection, of my faith; looking more to myself,
my feelings, &c., than to the virtue of the “altar.” Now I see, I feel, praise the Lord! the “altar,” not
my feelings, but the altar sanctifieth the gift. Yes, the altar, Jesus Christ, He is now my
sanctification, my all-in-all. Hallelujah, hallelujah! I believe, I feel, His precious blood “cleanseth
from all sin.”

Twelve years ago, on my way to see my friends in Ireland, I called on the author of the

Way of Holiness, and she told me to look for and hold this great “salvation by faith;” but never,
never did I see or feel the scriptural propriety of her kind instructions as I now do. Praise the Lord
that He has spared me through all my wanderings, up and down, to see this glad day, when Jesus
does take all my sin and fear away, by believing His word. “The altar sanctifieth the gift,” — the
poor, unworthy gift. I feel as if I could fill this whole sheet, and many more, by writing this blessed
word of the Lord, “The altar sanctifieth the gift.” Glory forever to the Lord for this simple way, …
the glorious way, of salvation! Surely all may come; for the merit of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, can
save all, can cleanse all.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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