Mrs. White (The Mother of Stephen S. White)

March 1, 2017 // Story

(The Mother of Stephen S. White)

Many of the entirely sanctified have spontaneously identified this experience and the

baptism with the Holy Spirit. My mother’s testimony is typical of this group. I give it to you as I
have heard her relate it. She was reared in North Georgia. Her father-in-law (my grandfather
White) was one of the first laymen in that section of Georgia to receive the baptism with the Holy
Spirit. He was an active evangel in the propagation of this truth, both by testimony and by the
distribution of literature on the subject. He contacted my mother by both of these methods and she
received the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Some time after that, Miller Willis, a Methodist
evangelist, came through those parts preaching entire sanctification as a second work of grace. My
mother attended his meetings, and after preaching one night Willis asked all who wanted this
blessing of entire sanctification to kneel just where they were. My mother immediately knelt
indicating that she was a candidate for the blessing. This meeting was the first time that she had
heard this experience preached as entire sanctification. According to her further testimony, she had
no more than knelt when the Holy Spirit revealed to her that she had received this blessing of
entire sanctification when she had, some months before, been baptized with the Holy Spirit. This
revelation was so clear and definite that she immediately arose from her knees. There was no need
for her to continue to seek that which she had already received. She also told that when she
reached home that night she found my father and a neighbor discussing entire sanctification and
wondering what it was that this man Willis was preaching. Immediately she informed them that she
knew because it had been her happy privilege to obtain that blessing some months before. This has
often been the experience of those who have obtained this blessing as preached under one of these
names and then later have heard it proclaimed under the other title. This, of course, does not
happen in many instances today because those who preach the second blessing now use both of the
above phrases in describing it. They also point out the relationship which exists between these two
aspects of this experience.

Source: “Five Cardinal Elements in the Doctrine of Entire
Sanctification” by Stephen Solomon White


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