I professed the blessing of holiness, preached it, endeavored to live it, but had lost the clear witness of the Spirit of its present possession; still I would confess it, and testify to its truth,
but I felt in my soul a want of unction that I believed should always attend the possession of this
grace, and does, as light to the sun, and, if not obstructed, will make its power known. Late, one
night, after retiring from a protracted meeting, in which the conflict was even, and the enemy, at
most, only kept at bay, in reviewing, and endeavoring to analyze the effort of the evening, the Spirit
of God led me to see that my dimness of light was not sufficient, and others were in the dark on my
account. I was led again to approach the mercy-seat with a cold, naked faith, perceiving that I was
to be saved by faith, and not by my works, even of good desires, wishes, or resolutions; and, if by
faith, now was just as appropriate a time as any other would be. And, without feeling or emotion
of any kind, I mentally took the stand. I am now the Lord's, letting go of all past, of neglects,
unfaithfulness, etc. I was enabled to stand upon this truth, "Jesus saves me, for I trust Him to save
me;" and from that time my witness returned. "To any who have lost the witness, go thou and do
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