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  1. O. COOK

When twelve years of age God for Christ’s sake spoke peace to my soul. I need not say I

had much with which to contend, for I was surrounded by a class of young men who ridiculed
religion and spiritual things–whose hearts had never felt or experienced the healing and heavenly
influence imparted by grace divine, and in whose souls the “Son of Righteousness” had never

My experience was wavering I had never heard a sermon preached on “Christian

Holiness,” consequently, was almost entirely ignorant as regards this blessing, but I endeavored to
serve God according to the light I had.

Thus time past on. I had always been impressed with the idea that I was called to the

ministry, but waving my convictions, I plunged into the business-cares of the world; but there was
no rest for me, until in my nineteenth year I received license to exhort. In this capacity I served the
church some time; finally, was licensed to preach, and then recommended to the East Baltimore
Conference, which proved a great blessing to my soul.

I was received into the traveling connection and was appointed to Hancock Circuit. This,

the first year of my ministry, was marked with great success. God was with me: yet up to this time
I had never spoken on the theme of “Perfect Love.” The following spring I was appointed to
Frostburg, Ct., and while traveling this circuit, having been thrown into the company of some who
enjoyed this “blessing,” I became very much exercised on the subject. I greatly felt my need of it. I
knew there were heights and breadths, and lengths and depths in the love of Jesus to which I had
not attained.

It so happened that, while in this state of mind, I was called to Baltimore. There I heard of

Dr. Roberts’ meetings, which I determined to attend the following Sabbath. I did so, and while
there I heard the young and old tell how they had received this blessing; but the experience of one
young man arrested me very forcibly–the substance of which was this: “Before he had received


this grace, his experience was wavering. At one time, he said, he was on Pisgah’s top, and then
again down in the valley.” This had been my experience exactly; but he went on to say, “As soon as
he felt the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus his experience became even, and that

“Jesus, all the day long,
Was his joy and his song.”

This is what I needed. An invitation was then given to those persons who desired the

blessing, to present themselves at the altar. I went forward, and while in that attitude, a good
brother came tome and told me what was necessary in order to receive the blessing. (That I felt my
need of it was clearly evinced by presenting myself at the altar.) 1st. A full consecration of all and
every thing. 2nd. Faith to believe my sacrifice was accepted.

I then asked myself, “Are you willing to give up every thing?” I said, “Yes, Lord every

thing– all is thine,” “then cannot you believe He accepts”– “Yes, Lord,” I said, “I do believe.” Oh,
what a flood of peace flowed into my soul. O, glory be to God! It was truly joy unspeakable and
full of glory. The blood of Jesus I felt did cleanse me from all sin. From that time I commenced
preaching on the subject, and every time I preached it, I gained more strength. I enjoyed
uninterrupted communion with Jesus for some time; but, after a while the sin of unbelief took
possession of my heart, and I fell back into my previous state of despondency.

The following spring I was sent to Westminster, Ct. While traveling that circuit I met with

many who enjoyed this blessing. I again became deeply exercised on the subject (though I had
never entirely lost sight of it). After leading class on Sabbath morning, at one of the appointments
on the circuit, a brother said to me, “Bro. Cook, meet me at a throne of grace, every evening
between sunset and dark, from this time until you come around again, and make the attainment of
this blessing the subject of prayer.” It was Wednesday preceding my next appointment that I was
riding to church, to attend my protracted meeting. I lifted up my heart to God in prayer, and
accompanying the prayer was an earnest living faith, the sacrifice having previously been made,
and Jesus was mine. I felt Him mine; the trees, the stars, every thing seemed to shout forth the
praise of the Redeemer, and I shouted, Glory to God. Jesus was to me, all, and in all — and since
that time, “Jesus, all the day long, has been my joy and my song.” Precious Saviour, blessed Jesus:
His blood cleanses from all sin, and gives me victory.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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