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  1. OWEN

I am thirty-eight years old, and have labored in the itinerant ranks fourteen years. My

preaching was commenced when in the enjoyment of FULL SALVATION. I continued in this state
for some years. For a few years last past, I have lived much of the time short of this perfect grace,
and at times very short of it. Sometime since, I consecrated my all to God once more. He accepted
the offering. GLORY TO HIS NAME! From that time all had been peaceful and happy within. God
has guided me in all matters, in away to astonish me. His hand appears in all that concerns me. His
whole guidance can be understood only by those who enjoy “like precious faith.” My heart, my
life, and my preaching, having undergone a material change, Station E____ has a new preacher!
This being my second year on the charge, it has troubled me to find something new, and interesting
for the pulpit, until God brought me into this “large place.” Plenty of texts and sermons are now at
hand. Indeed, every text to me seems like a sermon of itself. No language can describe my
enjoyment for the six week past. My faith is unwavering. I can now endure “as seeing Him who is

An attempt to describe the particular guidings of Providence, would doubtless subject me

to the ridicule of some well-meaning people. I will not attempt it. “Acknowledging God in all my
ways,” I know He “directs my steps.” It is no longer a mere theory with me, that “All things work
together for good to them that love God.” With the apostle I can say, I “Know” this to be so. This is
living in earnest. “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!” Amen.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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