(Not to be confused with Paul F. Elliott of a later day)

February 7, 2017 // Story


(Not to be confused with Paul F. Elliott of a later day)

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I want to say to every dear reader and brother preacher who may read these lines that he

will never be what God wants him to be until he receives his Pentecost. There will be times that
he will feel the lack of power as long as carnality is suppressed in his life. There is nothing that
can take the place of the abiding presence of the Holy Ghost. God has said that He would make His
preachers flames of fire and sons of thunder, and He will do it with every honest soul who will let
Him have His way.

I had settled it for time and eternity that God should have His way with me, so I began to

cry for the power that delivered from all sin. Saints prayed for me and exhorted me to believe
God. Three nights in succession found me at the altar seeking for a clean heart, but some way I was
not able to get the witness to my sanctification; but on the fourth night, as I was going up town, the
sun was just setting, and as I looked upon its golden rays my soul was crying out for God to give
me the Holy Ghost.

The voice of God said to me, “Do you think that a God who can paint that picture, and

make the sun rise and set, and make a world like this, and plant the heavens full of stars, could
sanctify a soul like yours?” The truth dawned upon me in a moment that this was a work of faith. I
grasped the truth and stood on the promise. Quicker than a flash the witness came to me, and the
”old man” died, and I walked into the mission one of the happiest men out of Heaven. Can I tell it?
No; and I never have met anyone who could. People have talked about and described the blessing
of sanctification, and no doubt have done their best; but the only way you will ever know about it
is to get it yourself.

From the moment God sanctified me He began to speak to me as He never had before. His

voice seemed more real and clear, and the Bible began to be revealed to me in a way that it never
had before. He began to reveal His future plan for me, and burden my soul for a lost world, and


unctionize my prayers and preaching in a way that surprised myself. I had thought it was wonderful
to be saved from all sin, and truly, it is. We talk about miracles of healing, but the greatest miracle,
to my mind, is God taking a man from the depths of sin to the peaks of holiness.

He does not only save him from his sins, but He takes the sin principle out of his life. The

Holy Ghost comes in to abide forever. Instead of a Jewish altar, where the fire burns constantly,
our souls become the altar where the fire constantly burns. He has promised to lead us into all truth
and bring all things to our remembrance.

I have learned since that night that the Holy Ghost has a personality, as much as do the

Father and Son. If the cold-hearted professors of today would get saved, and quit fighting and
insulting the precious Holy Ghost, they would have something that would beat all the pipe organs
and all the paid choirs that ever sang. Bless God! I am glad that I left the oyster stews and church
frolics and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

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Source: “The Voice of God” by Paul Frederick Elliott

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