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Salvation is the same in all ages and in all hearts. Under impulses of devotion, the Psalmist

demands, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me?” Many Zion travelers,
on reviewing the journey of past life, feel their gratitude (like that of David) welling up into songs
and utterances of praise “to Him who died for them and arose again.”

Thus memory leads me back near forty-seven years, when first I felt the pulses of divine

life thrill through my being, and “a live coal” from off the altar of God’s grace touched my tongue
to praise; and I said, “God hath forgiven all my iniquities.” Then “the humble heard thereof, and
were glad.” Who expects the justified soul to live in the enjoyment of the blessing without
professing it? It is just as delusive for us to expect the sanctified to live in the continuous
enjoyment of that richer blessing without professing it. If it was my duty, in youthful days, to tell
that the Lord had done for my soul, surely it is both my privilege and duty, in age, to tell — “in
meekness and fear” — the story of riches and increasing love.

More than three years ago, the subject of holiness became the absorbing thought of my

mind. I read much upon the subject, and prayed in agonies of untold desire for the blessing of a
clean heart. My convictions for inbred sin were deep and painful, and still increased the more I
prayed. “The beauties of holiness” were all the time attracting me on to their attainment and
enjoyment. I was conscious during the time that I was growing in grace, and different times I did in
substance receive the blessing of a clean heart; but I did not rest in it, and “commit my way to the

The 9th of July, 1866, the struggles of my poor soul subsided into an implicit resting in

God for a full salvation. On that memorable night, I had renewed my consecration-vows before
God in all things and for all things pertaining to holiness. A sense of my need of divine aid took all
self-dependence out of my soul. A strange tenderness and contrition filled me. Tears flowed more
sweetly than ever before in my life. I seemed to be little,–about the size of Samuel, when he said,
”Speak Lord: thy servant heareth.” And I was in a like state of expectancy with Samuel, intensely


looking for the blessing of a clean heart from the Lord. Suddenly faith seemed to grow massive and
strong; and I said, “I will never give up my confidence in God.” There was a power in that resolve
more than mine: but all my soul was in it; and my weakness consciously joined itself to the divine
strength, and an aspiration went up equal to the attainment of the blessing. Coincidentally, a current
of heavenly love steamed through my whole being; like fire, it permeated soul and body. My
rapture was unutterable. A weight of glory came on me, and I felt as if my physical powers would
be entirely prostrated under it. I sank to the floor; and the unearthly emotions gradually merged into
”the peace of God that passeth all understanding,” “keeping my heart and mind through Christ
Jesus.” “Thanks be to God for the unspeakable gift.”

Then a light rested upon the promises of God; this one especially: “That ye may be

strengthen with might by His Spirit in the inner man.” “To know the love of Christ, which passeth
knowledge.” These also: “Commit thy way unto the Lord, and he shall bring it to pass.” “Rest in the
Lord, and wait patiently for him.” I looked anxiously toward results, as Moses did when
imploringly he cried, “Oh, send me not up unless Thy presence go with me!” How tender the
response that comes, “My presence shall go with thee, and give thee rest!” Again God says, “On all
my glory there shall be a defense.” Enough: this is all that my soul needs. With an unyielding grasp,
my faith shall ever cling to these divine vouchers. “What am I, and what is my father’s house,” that,
although I have lingered threescore and two years, I should find such favor in the soul-cleansing
blood of Christ? “Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word; for
mine eyes have seen thy salvation.”

Lord, spread this salvation abroad
Till all shall acknowledge thy sway.
And join thy salvation to laud, –
The Life and the Truth and the Way;
Till nations and isles of the sea
Shall hail the millennium of peace:
From erring idolatry free,
Then discord and envy shall cease.

The wolf shall repose with the lamb,
The kid by the leopard recline,
Appeased through Emanuel’s name,
United in friendship divine:
One song shall be carolled all around
This earth, robed in vestals of peace;
To Christ all the glory redound,
While man shares the Eden of bliss.

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer

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