Richard Rodda 1743-1815 (Methodist)

February 21, 2017 // Story

 1743 — 1815

The doctrine of Christian perfection was now preached among us, and numbers professed

they had attained the blessing. I had not the least doubt of the testimony of several, as their whole
behaviour agreed with their profession. I believed the doctrine, and my soul longed to experience
it. I prayed that every thought and desire might centre in God. While my eldest brother and I were
pouring out our souls to God for this blessing, the Lord poured out His Spirit upon us; every heart
present appeared like melting wax before the fire; and in that hour God gave my mother a
testimony that He had cleansed her from all unrighteousness; which I trust she retains to this day.

My soul was now on full stretch after the blessing. I not only believed it attainable, but that

I should attain it: therefore I constantly expected that Christ would come to cleanse and keep my
heart. Accordingly, one Saturday night, I came to the class, and resolved not to depart till mine
eyes had seen this great salvation. After I had entered the room, my heart seemed as hard as a
stone; but I was not discouraged. All my prayer was, ‘Lord, create in me a clean heart, and renew
in me a right spirit.’ The mighty power of God descended upon me; my heart was emptied of every
evil, and Jesus took up all the room. I could no longer refrain from telling what God had done for
my soul. My heart was filled with love and joy, and my lips praised Him.

Source: Originally from “Lives of Early Methodist Preachers” by Thomas Jackson

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