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Some of my readers will remember how the late Samuel Coley describes the memorable

service in which he accepted Christ as a Saviour from all indwelling sin. The Rev. Thomas
Collins was the preacher. His text was, “Wilt thou be made clean? When shall it once be?”
”Unction sweeter than was wont came down as he urged the query, ‘When shall it once be?’ Then
he said, “The loving Father says, “Now;” what do you say?’ ‘Now,’ breathed audibly from pew to
pew. ‘The Son, who gave His cleansing blood, says, “Now;” what do you say?’ At this reiteration
of appeal, ‘Now’ louder and more earnest circled me in answer. The waiting Sanctifier, the Spirit
of Holiness, says, “Now;” what do you say? “When?” ‘ Twice the response, though it moved my
inmost heart, had passed, leaving me silent; but with the third questioning came a gush of influence
irresistible. I could keep my lips no longer, but, like the rest, cried, ‘Now!’ What is more, and
better far, my soul that blessed moment as certainly said, ‘Now,’ as did my tongue. It was no flash
of enthusiasm; it was a work of the Holy Ghost. That ‘Now’ stirs me yet. Nor ever since that
memorable time has my faith dared to procrastinate, or say anything but ‘Now’ to all the sanctifying
offers of the promise-keeping God.”

Source: “New Testament Holiness” by Thomas Cook

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