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I came to Christ bankrupt. My capacity to blunder drove me to his feet, and to my

astonishment he took me, forgave me, and sent my happy soul singing its way down the years. By
grace was I saved, through faith, and that not of myself — it was the gift of God.

I walked in the joy of that for months and then the clouds began to gather. There was

something within me not redeemed, something else down in the cellar that seemed to be sullenly at
war with this new life. I was at war with myself.

I think I can see what happened. We live in two minds — the conscious and the


Into the conscious mind there is introduced at conversion a new life, a new loyalty, a new

love. But the subconscious mind does not obey this new life. Its driving instincts drive for
fulfillment apart from any morality built up in the conscious mind. There ensues a clash between
the new life in the conscious mind and the instinct of the subconscious. The house of mansoul
becomes a house divided against itself.

I wondered if this was the best that Christianity could do — to leave one in this divided

condition? I found to my glad surprise the teaching concerning the Holy Spirit, and I found the area
of the work of the Holy Spirit largely, if not entirely, in the subconscious. I found that if I would
surrender to the Holy Spirit this conscious mind — all I knew and all I did not know — he would
cleanse at these depths I could not control. I surrendered and accepted the gift by faith. He did
cleanse as a refining fire. In that cleansing there was a unifying. Conscious and subconscious
minds were brought under a single control and redemption. That control was the Holy Spirit. I was
no longer at war with myself. Life was on a permanently higher level. It was no longer up and
down. The soul had caught its stride. I went on my way singing a new song. That song has
continued. It is fresher today than then.

Source: “The Meaning of Sanctification”


by Charles Ewing Brown

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