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  1. T. DRYE

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I would like to bring you some of my own experiences of how God delivered me from a

life of sin. We know that it is no great thing to look back upon our past life, how mean we were,
how filthy and low down we were, how black our heart was. We say these words with an humble
heart and an humble spirit when we refer back to that old sinful life back there, four or five years.
We remember how we used to run from coast to coast all times of the day and night. I’ll tell you
friends, I was looking for something to satisfy my hungry heart. I was looking for something to fill
up that empty gap there in my heart. I’ll tell you I couldn’t find it in fine clothes, couldn’t find it in
automobiles, houses or lands. I’ll tell you, it was nothing but the Love of Jesus Christ that could
satisfy my heart. Oh, Oh, I was miserable, I was so miserable as I traveled from place to place. I
knew that I was looking for something but I didn’t know what. I remember on the 23rd of
September, 1939, as I went out to an old-fashioned prayer meeting, one of my friends there in my
home town came by in an old A-model Ford and he had about ten or fifteen I believe in that Ford. I
don’t see how he could have got another one in it, but somehow or other he knew that I needed God
and I piled myself in. We went out to this old-fashioned prayer meeting and I listened to those
people testify to something that I had never heard of before, how God wonderfully saved them
from a life of sin, how God lifted them up and the joy they were having serving the Lord Jesus
Christ. Brother, my heart was heavy and the Holy Ghost began to deal with me more and more.
After a while I found great tears streaming down my cheek. Glory to God! As I knelt down at that
old chair that night and lifted my voice to God I began to tell God how mean I was. I told God that
my heart was as black as the soot walls of hell, that I was unworthy and all that I could think about,
I just lifted my hands and my voice to God that night and prayed right out. After a while there was
a great glow that came upon my face, I felt the burden of black sin roll from my heart and the sweet
love of Jesus came in. I rose to my feet and said, Glory to God Jesus has saved me from a life of
sin. I was different than in the old sinful life. It changes a man. Jesus Christ can fix us up until the
world won’t even know us anymore. As I went home that night I had a brother older than I. I went
in the room and he had already gone to bed. I testified to him of how God had saved me that night.


He had already been under conviction and he began to roll in his bed night after night. Soon he was
converted. Oh, thank God for that happy hour of September 23rd when the Lord saved me.

Many of my old friends that I had been running around with, playing the game with said,

“What has happened to Drye?”” The world cannot understand it and the world never will
understand it. Thank God.

In about a year after God saved me about 2 o’clock in the morning, I was out in the woods

with two or three of my friends, good Christian brothers in Christ, praying for an old-fashioned
revival. I had been hungry and I knew that God had something better for me, I knew that God could
satisfy my heart still better and I was hungering for second-blessing holiness. I began to lift my
voice to God and I meant business with God. I settled it once and for all, time and eternity and I
asked God to sanctify me there that night, about that time the fire of the Holy Ghost struck my heart.
No one there to see me shout, no one there to see me ride those saplins over those woods that
night, but oh, God blessed me in a marvelous way and I shouted all over those woods that night.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Then my friends said I had gone crazy, but I had just found my right mind when God took

the carnal mind out and gave me the mind of Christ. “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light,
we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all
sin.” (1 John 1:7). I walked in the light God gave me. I started out after God sanctified me, I would
go up on the street corners in my home city and the surrounding cities and testify to what God had
done for me. I’ll tell you those old friends I used to run around with would stand by and listen.
They would say, ‘”Drye has gone crazy, he has lost his mind, he has gone crazy over religion and
he won’t last very long.” But I’m glad to say today, glory be to God, that it is still lasting. I am still
going on farther up the road and enjoying old-time salvation today, better than I did in 1939 and

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Source: “Religion in the Foxhole — My Life Story” by J. T. Drye

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