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  1. W. CULLOM

He wrote to a friend as follows: “You know I have long been seeking the blessing of

perfect love. On Tuesday, August 29, 1893, I went to Church fasting, and with heart-cries to God.
As Soon as the morning services were over, while the people were partaking of the basket dinner,
I went to the woods. Down a little dry branch among the trees I walked for perhaps a quarter of a
mile. I lay down on the ground and talked with God. I had long sought the blessing of sanctification
by leaving off one thing and another that I thought might be a hindrance. Then it occurred to me that
I was trying to kill the tree by cutting off a branch here and there. Why not ask the Lord to take up
the tree, root and branch? And why not now? ‘Lord, I believe it is done!’ But at once the thought
came, ‘Yes, it is done, but where is the evidence?’ Then I said: ‘Evidence or no evidence, I will
never recede from this act; everything is on the altar, and there it shall stay.’

“Instantly a sweet peace possessed my whole being. I had no concern about a text or

sermon, but selected St. John’s words: ‘What we have seen and heard we declare unto you.’ I could
do nothing for a while but laugh and cry, and had to get a brother to lead in the opening exercises.

“Since that hour I have never had a moment that I could not say, ‘Bless the Lord, O my

soul!’ The Bible is a transformed book, and our hymns have a new meaning. The air is pure and
sweet. My soul is as a bird on the wing. I am happy every moment.”

Source: “The Better Way” by Beverly Carradine

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