February 9, 2017 // Story


  1. W. HOPPER

It was a long story which started way back with little Miss MacAfee down in Kentucky, a

tollgate keeper full of the Spirit of God. People would fuss and quarrel at her as she collected the
toll, but never a bitter word escaped her lips. She kept as sweet as though they had smiled at her
and given her friendly words. The news of her heavenly spirit spread. People talked about it,
marvelled at it. Finally a reporter from the Louisville Courier heard of the sanctified tollgate
keeper and went out to interview her.

“Yes,” she told him, ” I gave my heart to God, and He’s kept me converted ever since. After

He converted me, I gave myself to Him, just abandoned everything to Him, and He cleansed my
heart and sanctified me wholly!”

The reporter went back to his office, chuckling to himself. He would have a good time

writing this up to make people laugh. He wrote it in burlesque, and the paper gave it front-page
prominence with glaring headlines. Folk did laugh, some of them, but there was more to the story.
A copy of the paper drifted down into Mississippi and into the hands of a Mr. Hopper, hungry for
something he did not know how to obtain. He read about Miss MacAfee and was convinced she
had what he wanted.

“Wife,” he exclaimed, “I’m going up to see her!”

The next train found him on his way. It was not long until the little tollgate keeper was

praying with Mr. Hopper, exhorting him, quoting the promises to him. God met the hunger of his
heart and sanctified him wholly.

When he returned to Mississippi, he started preaching holiness, and, as he did so, Dr.

Carradine, pastor of the largest church in southern Methodism, but dissatisfied with his own
spiritual condition, came under Mr. Hopper’s influence. Soon he too rejoiced in sanctification of


Source: “H. Robb French — Pioneer, Prophet and Prayer Warrior”

Compiled by Anna Talbott McPherson

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