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[At the time this testimony was written, William C. Holmquist was general director of

Wesleyan Men.]

The flame within — what a thrilling experience for the born-again Christian to comprehend

and then to receive.

Receiving Jesus as my personal Saviour changed my life completely as noted old things

passed away and behold, all things became new. But there was still a hunger for something more.

Upon joining The Wesleyan Church, I learned of that something more that God has planned

for His children as I sat under the teaching of Wesleyan pastors who preached “entire
sanctification” and the power of the Holy Spirit

The Lord moved upon me during a men’s retreat. I was broken and my heart craved to know

the reality of the Holy Spirit to empower me in His service with love, compassion, and boldness. I
prayed for the Lord to fill me and praise God, the Holy Spirit surged within me. Again in a service
at the Anoka Wesleyan Church, Claude Ries speaking about entire sanctification, the Holy Spirit
came upon me with His blessing and assurance that I was sanctified.

Following these fantastic experiences, a new love, a new compassion, and a new boldness

brought a new dimension of living. Opportunities to witness for Christ opened before me, and to
see others receive Jesus as Saviour brought the most fulfillment I have ever known. The Lord has
honored an given me the desires of my heart. Another exciting evidence for me has bee the
assurance and confidence that Jesus Christ has my life completely under His control. The “roller
coaster” life of inconsistent ups and downs is now gone.

Source: “And They Shall Prophesy”
Compiled by George E. Failing


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