Ancel & Grace Summers

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That week seemed a very light and happy week. Rev. John Scobie was holding a camp

meeting at Bouk’s Hill a few miles South of Winchester, at the time. We went to the meeting the
next Sunday. At the evening meeting there was such a large crowd that Mr. Scobie did not give an
invitation because there was considerable commotion, as some of the people were pulling on the
ropes of the tent and he was afraid they would pull the tent down. He dismissed the meeting as
soon as he got through preaching. While he was waiting for the crowd to disperse, the Lord
showed Ancel that there was something in is heart that should not be there. He stepped over to
Brother Scobie and said, “I want to be sanctified.” He said, “Wait till the crowd gets away.”

As soon as most of them had gone, they went to the altar where Ancel knelt, and they

gathered around him. His father said, “I guess it’s on,” and began to pray. Minnie, his oldest sister,
sat on the platform in front of him and took his hand and put a prayer in his mouth. It was a prayer
of consecration which ended up with, “All I know and all I don’t know I turn over to God.”

When she stopped leading the prayer he also stopped because he knew so little about

prayer. The thought went through his mind, “I’ve done all that I know,” and the Holy Spirit
whispered to him, “Will not God do His part,” and he inwardly said, “Yes,” and he knew nothing
more until he found himself laughing at the top of his voice, praising the Lord. This was a great
surprise to him. He never knew he would ever laugh right out in a religious meeting like that; and
his father shouted, “Hallelujah,” twice, which didn’t seem to him to stop in the tent but kept going
on right up. This occurred just one week after he was saved, in the year 1904.

Shortly after this he left and went back West to his family. His father and brother, Ward,

came with him. After they arrived home the first night, after his father and brother had gone to bed,
he took his wife on his knee and told her all that had happened. She sat there with tears running
down her cheeks and conviction seized her heart, and she was saved within two weeks after that
time, and sanctified wholly about two weeks later, while she was lying in bed. She said when she
received the blessing of holiness it was just like electricity snapping off her fingers.


Source: “Sanctified Wholly” by James Cowan

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